Fiendish brainteaser asks you to spot the chicken nugget hidden in this scene – and it takes most people over a minute

HAS THE moody weather got you feeling down in the dumps? If so, then we have just the thing for you.

Why not escape to the ocean with this fiendish summer-themed brainteaser which is challenging Brits to spot the "chicken nugget" hidden in the aquatic scene.

The average time taken to solve it was 61 seconds, with 70% of people unable to find the nugget within 30 seconds, and 10% giving up completely.

The tricky brainteaser was devised by Gala Bingo, with Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing, saying: “With more time on our hands, thanks to avoiding a lengthy journey to our holiday destination, these puzzles will help pass the time and keep your brain occupied for a few minutes. "

So can you spot the tasty treat that's been planted among the colourful sea life?

If you can't manage to find it, we've provided the answer for you down below. But no peeking until you've given it a go.

While a chicken nugget isn't commonly found under water with the fish, it has been photoshopped onto the image for eagle-eyed players to spot.

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