Fitbit & PH5 Team Up For Stylish Redesign

Those interested in buying a Fitbit to help stay healthy but are put off by their appearance might change their tune thanks to a recent redesign by PH5.

According to Vogue, the knitwear brand recently released three new band designs made with the Fitbit Versa in mind. It was done in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (or CFDA), who created PH5’s relationship with Fitbit to create these band designs in the first place. It also helps that one of PH5’s founders, Wei Lin, has used a Fitbit herself for years before the partnership was created. For her and the rest of PH5, it was important to create ready-to-wear bands for Fitbit that both fitness fanatics and casual runners will want to wear — whether it be through a grueling cross-fit session or during a power walk around the block.


The three new band designs include a striped design, a rib knit design, and a metallic knit design. The striped design was created with the New York City Marathon logo as its main source of inspiration, with a cool shade of blue being at the forefront. Meanwhile, its rib knit counterpart pulled inspiration from a track and field court, where a Fitbit would no doubt get lots of use at. All three of these cool new designs will each inject the Fitbit brand with a fresh style that has not yet seen before by the fitness tech company.

In addition to looking stylish, these new Fitbit bands were also made to work well during any kind of exercise or physical activity. PH5 chose lightweight materials when crafting these bands, knowing full well that those who use Fitbits care more about functionality than style. Such lightweight fabrics include Lurex yarn, nylon, rayon, polyester, and spandex. This makes the new Fitbit bands functional for activities of all kinds — from the mundane to the vigorous and everything in between. It’s clear that PH5 had customers from all walks of life in mind when designing these Fitbit bands.

You can buy a new Fitbit band from the PH5 collection now on Fitbit’s website.


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