Five Met Gala No-Shows Who Had An Excuse… And Five Who Didn't

Rihanna didn’t take a bow. Beyonce did not get in formation. There was blank space where Taylor Swift should have been. And sorry — no Justin Bieber.

The Met Gala came and went on Monday night, and it was a spectacular, audacious, mesmerizing — and of course campy — success.

But after the dust, and feathers and sequins and glitter, had settled, fans realized some of the event staples failed to turn up this year.

Some had very good excuses, some had very likely excuses…. and some gave no excuses at all.

1. Rihanna

One of the most notable absentees, since she has pretty much attended every year beforehand. Riri even co-chaired last year’s event with Amal Clooney… another notable no-show.

2. Beyonce

The Queen Bee made 2019 the third year in a row she didn’t turn up with husband Jay-Z. Rumor has it the couple are currently on vacation; however perhaps they just didn’t want the attention of this year being the 5th anniversary of THAT Solange elevator incident, which happened at the Met Gala. Incidentally, Solange did turn up solo this year.

3. Taylor Swift

Fans had fully expected Swift to turn up, having just released her new single "ME!" and a new album in the wings needing promotion. But she was AWOL. Perhaps she feared another less than favorable comparison against Beyonce in the wake of the #Mayochella Billboards performance?

4. Selena Gomez

Taylor’s BFF was also noticeably absent from this year’s proceedings. While she has been laying low of late, a recent resurfacing at Coachella had fans hoping she would hit the pink carpet. Alas, no. Instead, Selena spent the evening at Disneyland, according to her IG Stories.

5. Justin Bieber

And speaking of Selena… her ex-Justin Bieber failed to materialize with his new wife Hailey Baldwin, in what would have been their debut as a married couple. What was the Biebs up to? According to his Instagram he was devouring fast food in their hotel room. Bieber wasn’t the only famous plus-one missing either; Irina Shayk arrived without Bradley Cooper, while Katy Perry was decidedly Orlando Bloom-less.

Meanwhile, some absentees had perfectly reasonable excuses.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

You can’t say "fashion" and "New York" and not immediately think of SJP. But Carrie Bradshaw herself unfortunately had to skip this year’s party, informing fans on Instagram that she was travelling out of the country that same day. She did grab a slice of Manhattan pizza on the way out, though.

2. Ariana Grande

After dazzling at her debut last year, the singer didn’t get to make a "Thank U, Next" appearance this year, as she had a gig in Los Angeles.

3. Chadwick Boseman

King T’challa himself made a regal appearance in Versace last year, and despite getting an invite this year (and returning from dust, thank you Avengers) he told fans via Twitter his shooting schedule would not allow him make the trip.

4. Blake Lively

Blake Lively didn’t officially give an excuse – but an expecting mother doesn’t need one. The about-to-be mom-of-three revealed the big baby news just last week and fans couldn’t wait to see how she would dress her new baby bump… but they were left waiting, as she and hubby Ryan Reynolds decided to skip. Miranda Kerr was in the same boat, informing fans she couldn’t attend once again this year because she was "baking" a little bun in the oven.

5. George and Amal Clooney

Again, Met Gala king and Queen George and Amal didn’t really explain their absence, but… Monday was George’s birthday! And he just so happens to share his 58th with the new Baby Royal Sussex…. whom he is rumored to be in the running for godfather. Perhaps the Clooneys were having a joint celebration with Prince Harry and Meghan?

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