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THEY transformed Olivia Newton-John into a sex symbol so can skin-tight trousers do wonders for other women? The Grease actress is to auction the leather-look outfit she wore 41 years ago as Sandy to raise cash for a hospital.

Sharna Valentine and Clemmie Fieldsend asked four women with body hang-ups to try on a similar pair to see how they made them feel.

' I feel sexy, I'd love to wear it out'

ANTHEA Nash, 37, lives in Finchley, North London, with her husband and 11-year-old son. The home-school teacher, a size ten, says:

'I feel so amazing and I’m blown away by how well the trousers actually suit me. I wouldn’t usually wear things so tight that draw attention to my bum, but I feel cinched in at the waist and my bum looks great for a change.

They’re comfortable but sexy too, and I would love to wear this to go out. They’ve changed how I feel about showing off my curves. I’ve always disliked my figure and hate my big bum.

I’ve always longed for a Baywatch- style, athletic figure with smaller curves in all the right places. I just think that, no matter what clothes you put on in the morning, you would look amazing.

The home-school teacher says she feels confident in this outfitCredit: Stewart Williams – The Sun

I feel like if my bum and thighs were smaller, I’d look better. Even though big bums are more popular than ever, I feel so self-conscious of mine.

But I feel confident in this and totally understand why Olivia Newton-John felt so good when she wore them.'

'Leggings sculpt and life my bum'

BECKY BENNETT is a cabaret singer and stage performer, from Hitchin, Herts. Single Becky, 32, says:

'These leggings are far more flattering than a pair of jeans.  I would definitely wear this out on a Saturday night – I feel fantastic.

The tight trousers have lifted and sculpted my bum into the shape I had hoped it would be. Usually I hate how flat my bum looks and wish it was bigger and more pert.

Social media is flooded with people like Kim Kardashian with curves in all the right places and I don’t have that.

The cabaret peformer says she would 'definitely wear this out on a Saturday night'Credit: Stewart Williams – The Sun

I’ve had other body hang-ups with my weight in the past, but even after losing a few pounds and going from a size 14 to size 8, I still feel that I haven’t got the right shape.

I’m only 5ft 3in, so I’m very particular about leg lengths on trousers and make sure they’re not too long, as that makes me look short, and my bum look even longer.

The whole look is such a transformation and I feel amazing, like a new woman.'

'I feel strong and proud of my body'

CREATIVE movement artist Yami Lofvenberg, 35, is single and lives in West London. Yami, who is a size 12 and describes her figure as pear shaped, says:

'Wow, I feel really slim and I can feel myself standing more upright. I feel stronger and definitely empowered.  The outfit has made me feel proud of my body.

I’d definitely wear it, even in a club. I’ve gone from not wanting to draw any attention to myself to actually wanting people to see me in these.

I love fashion and want to be wearing the latest trends, but often struggle to find clothes that fit. I have to go up in sizes to get trousers to go over my big thighs, but then they’re massive around the waist.

The movement artist says the outfit has made her feel proud of her bodyCredit: Stewart Williams – The Sun

My go-to styles are long-length tops that hide my curves and avoid any attention. I feel like they are all anyone sees when they look at me. If I could have any celeb figure, it would be Beyonce’s. She looks incredible and is so confident.

This is a good outfit for anyone to feel great in if they don’t want to flash the flesh and it suits all body shapes.'

'Tight trousers hug in all right places'

ACTRESS Eliza Flores, 45, is single and lives in Billericay, Essex. She has hated her stomach ever since she hit 40. She says:

'I feel how Sandy felt in the film. They’ve done more than make me look good. I feel good too, like I’m a different woman.  The leggings look great and I don’t feel like I need to hide any more.

They fit me well and hug in all the right places. Plus, they hold in my tummy and make my figure look sleeker and more defined.

Back when I was younger and slimmer, I loved the way my clothes fitted. Now I feel like my metabolism has definitely slowed down. I’m heavier and I’m not happy with my stomach as the skin is looser and it wobbles.

I still like to dress up and wear sexy outfits to feel better, I just have to hide my stomach with things like high- waisted jeans, because they hold everything in.

I would never have dreamt of wearing Sandy-style leggings before.  I was worried that they’d reveal too much, but this outfit has given me a real boost.'

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