Freckling is the latest dating trend – but are you a victim or guilty of it?

The term is being used to describe the latest dating trend to hit this summer.

The name is loosely connected to the seasons – your freckles come out during the warmer months, and as soon as they've reappeared they're gone again.

And it’s precisely during this period when freckling begins.

Almost the opposite of cuffing – where you shack up with someone to spent the cold months with – freckling is when you hook up for summer.

The idea is you find someone to while away lazy, sunny days in parks or beer gardens.

But when the days shorten, you go back to being a single pringle.

Freckling can see relationships fizz out as quickly as they began – but they’re still usually lurking on your social media, ready to pounce when the weather warms up again.

The term has been coined by men’s magazine, AskMen, which reveals: “The existence of freckling is a confluence of sorts from two realities.

"One, that summer (and, if we’re being honest, late spring) is the horniest time of the year, and two, that people’s social circles are wider, denser and more robust than ever thanks to social media and the digital web we’re all trapped like flies in.”

Freckling sometimes happens with someone you already know, just haven’t seen in a while.

But AskMen explains that with social media, you can be up-to-date with someone’s life even if you haven’t seen in years.

Which makes it all the more easier to hook up, or pick up where you left off.

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