From a Secret Stash of Under-$100 Prada to ‘Regencycore’ Fashion, These Are the Best Things to Buy This Week

We might have finally exhaled after an excruciatingly long… who knows what. But even though things might seem more stable (and fashionable!) in Washington doesn't mean we aren't staying braced. Inauguration chatter aside, we have a mountain of other news to report, particularly when it comes to loading up your cart.

Today, we've got our tabs opened to the very best purchase-worthy releases, trending items, and discounts that money can buy. Cool-girl brands collide with behemoth athleisure (see: Adidas x Wales Bonner), a hidden stash of under-$100 Prada is now ours for the taking, and we discover what comes after Cottagecore.

Below, discover the best things to shop this week, no more no less.

What’s New

track pants
adidas shoes
Winter Fashion 2021
Winter Fashion 2021

To ring in the new year, Matchesfashion expanded its activewear selection to include old favorites, like Girlfriend Collective and Live the Process, plus some new, exciting collections, like Ganni's freshly minted Software line and the Adidas x Wales Bonner collab of our dreams. Looking good while working out has come naturally for a while now thanks to the segment's massive growth over the years, but now there's really no excuse.

Meanwhile, the original cool-girl brand, Acne Studios, is unsurprisingly back with more cool-girl staples. A second season of repurposed leather and denim has popped up on its site, and it's full of sexy, unexpected pieces like these remixed pants and this flipped-on-its-head jacket. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, & Other Stories is pursuing similar sustainable goals with its Recycled Wool Collection. This coat, for instance, is just $149.

And, lest you think commerce and current events haven't intertwined lately, let us point you to AMASS's latest concoction: a peach-flavored spirit dubbed Impeachment. The limited run of 2,021 bottles sounds as delicious as a fresh administration. The brand says it best: Impeachment is a drink best served ice cold.

  • Ganni Software Recycled Cotton-Blend Track Pants, $165
  • Adidas x Wales Bonner SL72 Woven Cotton and Leather Trainers, $180
  • Acne Studios Repurposed Black/Black Panel Jacket, $540
  • & Other Stories Belted Wool Blend Jacket, $149
  • AMASS Botanicals Impeachment, $60

What’s Trending

Winter Fashion 2021
free people top
sarah bottoms

Just kidding, commerce and current events go together like, well, the inextricable components of capitalism that they are. So, naturally, it's been a huge week for political fashion. The most notable shopping influence the inauguration has had on the fashion-conscious public has been the uptick in interest in Kamala Harris's signature Converse sneakers. Since she appeared on the cover of Vogue in the classic shoe, searches for Converse's Chuck Taylors spiked 233 percent, averaging about five individual searches per minute.

Between the mass-scale "Bridgerton" binge that took place and this week's announcement of a season two, are we really shocked that people are trading their sweats for corsets? Global fashion data company Lyst found a 123 percent uptick in searches for "corset," a 93 percent lift in "empire line dresses," and a 49 percent increase for "pearl and feather headbands." The style, which couldn't be further from our lounge-addled realities, has been dubbed "Regencycore."

Just as surprisingly, swimwear has also found its place on the collective shopper's agenda. Despite effectively being under house arrest, people can't seem to stop themselves from buying bikinis, like this patterned set from Follow Suit that's been seen on Australian model Shanina Shaik.

What's not surprising is a little statistic released by online grocery app Ibotta, which found that our alcohol consumption has increased 33 percent year-over-year. And seeing how 2021 is pretty much just 2020 the sequel, pass the spicy tequila, please.

  • Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker, $50
  • Tasha Imitation Pearl Headband, $23 (Originally $38)
  • Follow Suit Tati Bikini Top, $110
  • Follow Suit Sarah Bottom, $80
  • Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, $40

What’s on Sale

Winter Fashion 2021
prada sunglasses

Say it with me: PRA-DUH FOR UN-DER A HUN-DO. Pradaforunderahundo. Literally, Prada for under one hundred dollars. I want to be like, "That's it, that's the whole tweet," but I'll go a step further and add that, on top of randomly finding a massive assortment of actually stylish Prada sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack, we discovered that the retailer is hoarding a stash of truly incredible shades from other designer brands that are, in some cases, even more affordable.

This funky pair from Miu Miu is 83 percent off — just $70 — while this Dior set is 85 percent off for just $100. A couple pairs that just cross the $100 threshold include these Guccis for $105, these Givenchys for $120, and these Celines for $150.

We've probably already lost you to the endless pages of discounts at Nordstrom Rack, but in case you're still with us, we'll leave you with one last incomprehensible gem: some truly delicious Stella McCartney sunglasses for less than $30.

  • Prada Square 58mm Sunglasses, $75 (Originally $298)
  • Prada 59mm Oversize Geometric Square Sunglasses, $100 (Originally $325)
  • Prada Studded 170mm Shield Sunglasses, $100 (Originally $405)
  • Miu Miu 58mm Irregular Sunglasses, $70 (Originally $418)
  • Gucci 59mm Round Sunglasses, $105 (Originally $320)

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