From farting in bed to asking for a key… this is how long it takes men and women to get comfortable in a relationship

And now, new research reveals exactly how long it takes couples to get comfortable with their other half's habits.

A study from Mattress Advisor surveyed 1,000 people in relationships to understand how many months it took them to do certain things in front of their partners.

For example, farting in bed or asking for a key.

According to the study, it takes men just over three months to kiss their partner with morning breath, while women would wait 4.6 months.

And while women wouldn't wear a retainer in bed for almost nine months, men would be happy to do this in just over three.

It certainly seems female partners take longer to reach certain milestones.

Men take on average, 5.3 months to feel comfortable farting in bed, while women take 8.5.

In fact, the only thing women take less time to get comfortable with doing, is snooping through their partner's phone while they sleep.

Men would feel comfortable doing this after 6.8 months, while women only take 6.1.

Interestingly, both men and women take the exact same amount of time to tell their partner they snore too loudly, with both sexes on average needing 4.7 months to feel comfortable with this.

Out of all the categories, women took the longest amount of time (almost 11 months) to feel comfortable going to the bathroom in front of their partner, while men felt least comfortable asking for an extra house key.

The study found it took male partners 7.7 months to feel comfortable with this milestone.

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