From fitness guru Alice Liveing to Daisie Smith, meet the Instagram influencers who share fabulous tips

We look at 10 Instagram stars who have helped hundreds of thousands of their followers across the world live their #bestlife.


Name: Alice Liveing

Age: 25

Handle: @Aliceliveing

Followers: 640k

Alice’s lust for life is so infectious you’ll want to make her strawberry smoothie bowl straight away.

The bestselling author who threw herself into healthy living after escaping an abusive relationship also posts great workouts.

Follow for: Easy step-by-step exercises and brilliant breakfast inspiration.

Tip: “If you overly restrict yourself, you’ll end up falling off the wagon and start to crave the foods that you cut out.”


Name: Amanda Cotton

Age: 41

Handle: @Houselust

Followers: 14.9k

Prepare to feel a whole lot of house envy scrolling through Amanda’s fearlessly decorated Victorian home – all dark walls, wild prints, plants and plush velvet. Best of all, it’s done on an affordable budget.

Follow for: Seamless mixing of interiors and motherhood. Her baby son Otis’ marble-print Sleepyhead bed matches her bathroom floor perfectly. Genius!

Tip: “Don’t worry what people think. Surround yourself with things that make you happy.”


Name: Daisie Smith

Age: 26

Handle: @Beautysbigsister

Followers: 24.9k

If you’re wondering what cool new nail shade to try or how to perfect winged eyeliner, Daisie’s your gal. But since she doesn’t take herself too seriously, expect some face-mask-related lols too. Her looks are achievable and easy to follow, so you’ll be rocking a glitter eye before you know it.

Follow for: Slick, entertaining tutorials.

Tip: “Eyelash curlers are my saviour. If you want really fanned-out, pushed-up lashes, use these before applying mascara.”

Body Positivity

Name: Chloe Elliott

Age: 28

Handle: @Chloeincurve

Followers: 46.3k

What’s not to love about someone who encourages you to enjoy being stylish whatever your dress size?

Chloe’s most popular photo to date was a semi-naked mirror selfie where she wrote: “Here are my rolls, stretch marks and cellulite. This is my body and I’m showing it to you as bodies like mine need to be seen.”

Follow for: Plus-size fashion, styling and beauty tips.

Tip: “Stop comparing… We all look different and there’s nothing wrong with that.”


Name: Lucy Sheridan

Age: 34

Handle: @Lucysheridan

Followers: 22.4k

With her daily motivational posts, Lucy, AKA The Comparison Coach, is the Insta BFF we all need. She’ll stop you mid-scroll for a virtual hug, while her Insta Stories and Lives feel like free life-coaching.

Follow for: A safe space where you’re actively discouraged from comparing yourself to other people.

Tip: “Make rest non-negotiable. The more energy you have the more creative, productive and kind you will be!”


Name: Erica Davies

Age: 41

Handle: @Erica_davies

Followers: 110K

As a former fashion ed, Erica knows how to pull together a chic, on-trend look. We love her Stories, use of GIFs and chats, and her wardrobe edits, where she shows off her top picks and talks about how she’d wear them are not to be missed.

Follow for: Engaging content on a wide range of lifestyle elements from fashion to interiors, travel, books, self-help and beauty! She is a one-woman magazine.

Tip: “Always trust your instincts. If you feel good about it, it’s the right decision.”


Name: Debbie Le

Age: 41

Handle: @Thefashionablepan

Followers: 17.6K

The former fashion buyer’s Zara obsession knows no bounds, Plus, she looks so effortlessly good in everything, she’ll have you heading straight to the high street. Her Insta Stories, peppered with profanities, keep her amusingly real – just another reason we love her.

Follow for: Standout statement pieces from the high street (and two cute kids).

Tip: “Wear what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to try new trends. Fashion should be fun.”


Name: Hayley Vincent

Age: 23

Handle: @Hayley_

Followers: 62.6K

From dramatic Balinese waterfalls to Norway’s snowy cliff tops, Hayley’s photos are wanderlust-inducing. She prides herself on spreading happy vibes by filling her grid with beautiful shots alongside uplifting, mindful captions.

Follow for: New perspectives and holiday locations.

Tip: “Always pack an eye mask so you can sleep pretty much anywhere and feel energised for the day ahead.”


Name: Clemmie Telford

Age: 36

Handle: @Clemmie_telford

Followers: 79.3K

The mum of three has her hands full, but ensures her grid fosters a sense of community. She’s also open about her postpartum bod, anxiety and being a working mum in a frank and funny way.

Follow for: Her Mother Of All Lists – 200 first-person accounts of everything from coping with grief to buying sperm.

Tip: “Having a bath and putting their PJs on pre 5.30pm feels like a treat for the kids, but it’s just a massive win for you!”


Name: Melissa Thompson

Age: 37

Handle: @Fowlmouthsfood

Followers: 19.9K

Whether it’s hunting out a new restaurant or showing us snaps of a calorific cheesecake, Melissa’s passion for eating out and home cooking shines through. As a pop-up chef herself, it means she’s not afraid to share the good and bad – even when dinner’s burnt!

Follow for: Great-tasting, fabulous food that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Tip: “After a good place to eat? Don’t just look in one place like Trip Advisor. Do your research online using articles and blogs.”

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