From not pooing at night to a fascination with the loo – these are the 7 signs your toddler is ready to be potty trained

PARENTS of toddlers will know that deciding when to start potty training can be a bit of a mystery – with little ones often having a mind of their own.

But to make things easier, there's finally a list of things that mums and dads should look out for to let them know their child it ready.

Wellness Mama's parenting writer Katie Wells has shared her top tips for toilet training so parents can survive the nappy to potty transition without losing their cool.

And while potty training is an individual process for every child, she has revealed that waiting until toddler expresses they are ready is generally the best way to success.

The right time can range from 18 months and three years of age – with even some four year old's not quite ready to ditch the nappies.

Here are her easy-to-follow seven signs that show when children are showing readiness to start using the loo, so everyone can be aware of the right time.

Physical signs toddlers are ready for the potty

Developing control over their bladder and bowels is key for kids to be able to use the toilet – so these are four most important physical changes to look out for:

  • Staying dry for longer – If your toddler goes a few hours without wetting or can make it through a nap with a dry nappy, it shows their bladder control is building.
  • No bowel movements at night – Most children will stop pooing in their sleep, waiting until they are more in control in the day time.
  • Making it known – If your child is telling you when they need to go, they've nailed that important understanding of the urge to use the bathroom.
  • Looks for privacy – Everyone likes a bit of privacy while they do their business, so if children start hiding to go, they're ready to try out the toilet.

Mental signs toddlers are ready for the potty

Being ready physically is not the same as being emotionally ready to make the step up to potty training, so it's important to look for a further three signs before starting:

  • Telling a parent – When your child goes to the toilet in their nappy and then makes it known to mum and dad they need nappy change is a positive step in the right direction.
  • Interest in toilets – A sudden spark of interest in the potty or toilets, such as wanting to look at and sit on them shows they are becoming familiar with the idea.
  • Wanting independence – At some stage, children will want to start doing things by themselves, and going to the loo is one of them.

If a child has any fear or anxiety about using a potty, it could suggest that parents need to wait a little longer before starting training and slowly introduce them to the idea.

For toddlers with reservations, playing games involving potty use are a fun way to help them alleviate their nerves, giving way to developing the positive pre-training signs.

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