From washing potatoes in a dishwasher to blow drying your chicken… people are sharing their amazing and very bizarre kitchen hacks

From putting the pots and pans back in their right homes, to scrubbing potatoes for dinner it's all quite banal.

Which is why bloggers and Reddit users have taken to the internet to share pretty unique tips and tricks to make life a little less tiring and they have been shared on Diply.

From something as simple as stopping your veg from rolling off the chopping board, to keeping your utensils tidy, you're going to be impressed – although we're not sure all of them are so handy!

1. Putting potatoes in a dishwasher

No longer will you be endlessly scrubbing each individual one by hand, because we all know how dull that is.

Slot your potatoes into the top shelf of the dishwasher (without washing powder of course), and give them all a rinse at once.

Sounds pretty time economical to us.

And how about the tip that blow dries a roast chicken?

2. Blow dry your chicken

We've not heard anything quite like it.

Food writer Helen Rosner shared the tip on Twitter suggesting the less moisture in the chicken skin, the crispier it will be.

But there really is nothing more we love than a hack that helps revive fizz.

3. Revive fizz with fruit

We're not sure why anyone would leave a sacred drop of champagne in a bottle, so we're going to assume this tip is more aimed at the dregs of Cava or Prosecco in a bottle, rather than the posh stuff.

She Tried What said putting a raisin in semi-flat champagne will help regain its fizz.

The list continues with more genius ideas.

4. Use a pegboard to hang your pots and pans

Pots and pans clog up the cupboard and they fall out each time you open the door and it's one long exhausting battle.

Not anymore because A Beautiful Mess says the pegboard is the ultimate solution.

Screw the board to the wall and use hooks to hang all your kitchen wares from woks to spatulas.

5. Elastic bands to keep your veg together

Prepping the veg for tea is pretty mundane, especially when your chopped spring onions or asparagus ends keep rolling off the board onto the floor.

One Reddit User, Chris Olson, uses elastic bands to hold his ends together and it results in mess-free prepping.

6. Tension rods will act like a wardrobe for your cleaning products

A tension rod placed underneath the sink will act as a rail to hang all of your cleaning bottles.

It makes the most of the space and leaves the shelf below free for other bits and pieces.

7. An apple slicer isn't just for apples

Use yours to chop up potatoes for chips and sweet potatoes for wedges quickly and easily, just as The Krazy Coupon Lady suggests.

8. Plastic bag tidy

Plastic bags are often a source of mess in a kitchen.

Stuffed down sides of cupboards or spilling out from under a sink, we all keep them to re-use but we can't stand the space they take up.

Love, Pomegranate House suggests using an old antibacterial wipe container to store them in.

Easy to access and pull out and much neater.

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