Gatsbying is the latest dating trend… so are YOU guilty of it?

But not just any old attention, some likes or even a winking face from your school crush.

You’re posting online for one person in particular – Gatsbying.

Described by Tomboy Beauty as: “Gatsbying, To Gastby vb or n.

“To post a video, picture or selfie to public social media purely for a love interest to see it.”

The trend is named after the titular character in The Great Gatsby, who throws lavishly wild, alcohol-fuelled parties with one aim.

To get the attention of a girl.

Translated into the modern day, it’s the equivalent of filling your Insta feed with lust-worthy shots of you looking effortlessly chic, make-up and hair just right and most likely with a background to die for.

You don’t simply text the person of your dreams anymore, instead you bait social media with posts for your love interest to notice.

And with any luck, you’ll get that text back you’ve been craving.

The term was coined by Matilda Dods, from Tomboy Beauty, who said: “Why, instead of just sending a text to the boy that I like, am I throwing the equivalent of a champagne soaked, chandelier swinging, Charleston dancing party on my Instagram story?

“All for that ceaseless green light across the water that is the attention of a boy who, let’s be real, probably isn’t good enough for me anyway?”

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