Genius hack for picking up fiddly items goes viral – and all you need is a vacuum cleaner and a pair of tights

It’s something which happens to us all, that moment when we suddenly realise we’re missing a piece of jewellery.

Often earrings are the culprits, and don’t get us started on the butterflies.

But a nifty tip is going viral online, and it means you can wear your expensive jewellery without worrying.

A clip posted to Facebook group 5 Minute Crafts, called Awesome Cleaning Hacks, reveals how to find your AWOL bling.

Firstly take off the vacuum attachment so you’re left with the nozzle, and then wrap a pair of tights around the end.

You can cut up a pair, or just stretch them over the hole.

Secure with a hair band, and then run the hoover around the house where you think you’ve dropped your jewellery.

The suction will pick up any fiddly little items which are difficult to spot with the naked eye, and the tights will prevent them from being sucked into the hoover.

People have been praising the hacks, with the post racking up more than 62,000 shares.

And hundreds of people have commented, with one person saying: "Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing."

Another person wrote: "So freaking awesome."

A third said: "Work smart not hard."

While this person said commented: "Many amazing tricks."

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