'Grumpy' bridesmaid Mia Tindall steals the show in Princess Eugenie's wedding photos

The young bridesmaid, four, can be seen looking less than impressed as she posed with Princess Eugenie’s bridal party.

Buckingham Palace released a set of photos from British fashion photographer Alex Bramall on Saturday, two of which feature the sullen bridesmaid.

Mia is known for her boisterous behaviour and certainly looked like she had better things to do than sit in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle during Friday’s wedding.

In the two shots she is featured in, Mia is wearing an adorable white dress with a floral belt, and holding a bouquet of flowers.

For the photo with the bride, groom, page boys and bridesmaids, the young royal is sat next to her cousin Savannah Phillips, seven, and is in front of her cousins Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three – all of whom are beaming in the shot.

Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field’s daughter Theodora, six, is also featured prominently, standing right next to Princess Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, who has his hand on her shoulder.

Other children from the bridal party are Maud, the five-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor; page boy Louis de Givenchy, six; and six-year-old Isla, daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips.

Things didn’t improve for Mia is the larger group shot of the bride, groom and extended family, where she also failed to crack a smile.

Royal fans were quick to take to Instagram to share their thoughts on Mia looking like she was tired of the photoshoot.

One person said: “Mia Tindall just cracks me up on these pics. Theyre all so cute though and Eugenie looked stunning!”

And one Twitter user said: "Mia Tindall continues to be the best at Grumpy."

Another joked: “The unimpressed flower girl in the front row is the best part.”

It’s not the first time Mia has become the centre of attention, thanks to her cheeky personality.

Mia also stole the show in the Queen’s 90th birthday, being pictured holding one of her famous Launer handbags in an official shot.

Her dad, Mike Tindall, told This Morning: “She was being a bit naughty. The Queen got it quite right when she told her "Just hold the handbag now" and she did that. It ended up being a great photo of her.'

'It just turned out to be the right photo at the right time and it will be something we'll always cherish, I think.’”

Princess Eugenie’s official wedding photos struck a chord with royal fans, as it is believed to be the first time Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson had been pictured together in 26 years, following her divorce from Prince Andrew in the 1990s.

The Duchess of York, 58, stood smiling next to her old foe Prince Philip for the happy family snap.

Royal watchers said the image appeared to be a significant step to ending a feud that has raged for almost three decades.

Prince Philip, 97, is said to have never forgiven his former daughter-in-law for the toe-sucking pictures of her and Texan financial adviser John Bryan in 1992.

They were taken months after she and Andrew announced they were splitting.

Royal author and commentator Phil Dampier said: “It shows Sarah Ferguson right at the centre of the Royal Family once again and will only fuel rumours that she and Prince Andrew might one day remarry.

“Most significantly, she is standing right next to Prince Philip, who hasn’t spoken to her in more than 20 years.

“He once called her ‘odd’ and ‘pointless’ and would not be in the same room as her. In recent years, Sarah has been invited to stay with the Queen at Balmoral. Each time, she has had to leave the day before Prince Philip arrives.

“He blamed her for bringing shame on the Royal Family and could not understand why Andrew let her move back in with him at Royal Lodge, his home at Windsor, when they had been divorced for so many years.

“Philip would not have wanted to cause bad feeling at the wedding and upset his granddaughter Eugenie. But maybe, at 97, he has decided that life is too short to continue bearing Fergie ill will.”

This is why Princess Eugenie left an empty seat in the front row of her wedding.

Princess Eugenie wowed in a low-backed bespoke gown by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vo.

The princess had major surgery to correct a curvature of her spine, known as scoliosis, and had steel rods inserted into her back.


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