Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop launches first ‘size inclusive’ clothing range – with all items available up to size 44

The new collection will be available from UK size 4 to 44 (US sizes 00 to 40), after previously only going up to UK size 16.

The Goop clothing line is a collaboration with New-York based brand Universal Standard and aims to cater to all women.

Gwyneth, 47, explained that she wants Goop “to be a place where women who are feeling marginalised in any way can come”.

The “size-inclusive” collection is priced from £186 to £327 and consists of five wardrobe basics.

These include a black tuxedo jacket, cropped trousers, a black jumpsuit, a classic peacoat and a hi-low dress.

Each clothing piece has been tailored to someone from each clothing size, instead of scaling up or down an item based on one model and their size template.

All items can be shipped from America to the UK and to Europe.

The actress and wellness promoter was inspired to collaborate with Universal Standard, which was launched in 2015, to make sure her brand wasn’t alienating women.

Gwyneth told the Business of Fashion: “This is an area where we haven’t been great and I believe inclusivity is really important.”

The co-founders of Universal Standard said they had previously found clothing options for women above a UK size 18 were limited.

Co-founder Alexandra Waldman told Business of Fashion: “This is really about making [size inclusivity] the new normal through a variety of channels.

“The thing that should determine [your clothing] choices should be your taste and your budget. We don’t need any more barriers than that.”

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