Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop is flogging a set of glass jars for £266 and a £37 tea towel – The Sun

MOVIE star Gwyneth Paltrow has the perfect idea for storing leftover food in lockdown – a £266 set of glass jars.

And to give the pricey collection a wipe, she’s flogging a £37 organic tea towel that’s so good, she tells buyers: “You’ll want to order a few of these—for your own kitchen, and for wrapping up the bottle of wine or basket of bread you’re bringing to a dinner party.”

But her glass jar collection really takes the biscuit when it comes to the price tag.

Customers get 13 glass jars – similar sets are available on eBay for a tenner – plus labels, a funnel, a scoop, two grain sacks, a tote bag and a cookbook.

Goop reveals: “This brilliant system is made to encourage you to buy from the bulk bins at the grocery store.

“On the one hand, it’s a kitchen makeover, with beautiful glass storage that’s as good for you as it looks good; on the other, it’s an organizational, environmentally-friendly solution to the excess plastic that is wasted with conventional grocery products.

“The mason jars let you see exactly how much quinoa, almonds, and whatnot you have left, and they come with little labels with cooking instructions (e.g. quinoa-to-water ratios and cook time).

"It’s also entirely clean and BPA-free, eliminates plastic waste, and buying in bulk saves you loads of money over time.

“So you don’t have to lug jars to and from the grocery store, the set comes with reusable baggies with fill-lines that make it easy to buy the perfect amount to fit inside the storage jars.”

Items that ordinary shoppers might class as everyday essentials have prices beyond the reach of most people on the Hollywood A-lister’s lifestyle site.

Her wellness firm was recently mocked in Daniel Craig’s new blockbuster whodunnit Knives Out where a character played by Toni Collette ran a firm called Flam.

But the price tags on Gwyn’s Goop are no laughing matter.

She has salt and pepper grinders at £152 each but only a skin-flint would buy one.

Goop says of the salt cellar: “From Scandinavian design house Normann Copenhagen’s Craft line of kitchen goods, this salt mill looks good, yes, but beneath that white oak exterior there’s a CrushGrind® grinder that can stand the test of time (we’re talking 200 years of use, so let’s just say it’s a solid investment).

“Solo or paired with the matching pepper grinder, this is a thoughtful gift built to last.”

And her £34 tea towel is “artisan-made using of 100% organic cotton”.

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