Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume Was Inspired By Husband Tom Kaulitz's Band: 'They Believe in Aliens'

Heidi Klum’s robot-meets-alien-meets-zombie-meets-Frankenstein-bride Halloween costume was a bit confusing. Luckily, she’s breaking it down for us.

Speaking with PEOPLE at her 20th annual Halloween party at Cathédrale Restaurant in New York City’s East Village neighborhood on Oct. 31, the supermodel, 46, and husband Tom Kaulitz explained the inspiration behind their gory, futuristic couple’s costume

“The inspiration is Tokio Hotel, which is the band of my husband. They believe in aliens,” Klum told PEOPLE, before Kaulitz chimed in: “Everyone does, no?”

And the pair stayed in character all night long — from arriving at the party in a giant glass vehicle with a bio-hazard warning on the side, to hissing at photographers, Klum and Kaulitz revealed it was all part of their futuristic love story.

“I was in space looking for a new planet for humans to live on, right? Cause we already discarded ours,” Kaulitz said of his Halloween character.

“Oh yeah, we messed this one up,” Klum added. “We need a new one.”

And during his outer space adventure, the Tokio Hotel rocker discovered a “creature” (Klum!) that intrigued him.

“I was out there, touring the universe and so, I found her, I found this creature, and I was like, ‘Wow, she looks good’,” Kaulitz said. “I brought her home. So, hopefully, she has some useful information planned.”

How long does it take to conceptualize such an elaborate fantasy and bring the characters to life? A full year, according to Klum and Kaulitz, who told PEOPLE they started planning this year’s look in November 2018.

“As they’re taking this [costume] off, I start thinking about next year,” Klum said.

The undisputed Queen of Halloween started getting ready at 10 a.m. in front of a live audience today at an Amazon Prime bookstore in New York City. She also documented the entire process on her Instagram Stories, posting behind-the-scenes previews before revealing the final look around 4 p.m. EST.

The German beauty previously told PEOPLE that Kaulitz’s 2019 costume would require less prep than hers.

“His is gonna be easier [than mine this year] because last year I felt so bad for him,” she said. “He had never done this before, and it was harder for him than for me because he had the big belly and the face. I’m used to it, but he was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna die! It’s so hot!’”

She continued: “He’s just as nuts as me, but I had to come up with something a little easier for him to wear this time around.”

Last year, for their first-ever couple’s costume, Klum and Kaulitz were unrecognizable as beloved ogres Fiona and Shrek of the Shrek franchise.

—reporting by Conchita Margaret Widjojo

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