Here's Every Gorgeous Outfit Taylor Swift Wears in the "Lover" Music Video

Taylor Swift’s Yellow Cocktail Dress in Lover

Taylor Swift’s latest music video, “Lover”, is full of all the usual romantic moments and sneaky Easter eggs that we’ve come to expect from the singer, and, as a bonus, it’s also stuffed full of amazing fashion. In the video, Taylor and her love interest (played by one of her backup dancers, Christian Owens) walk through a life-size dollhouse, and each room has a different outfit to match the color scheme. Across the varied looks, Taylor revisits some of her old faithfuls (like her beloved high-waisted shorts) and also tries on some new looks, including a cool jacket from her collaboration with Stella McCartney. Keep reading for the skinny on every single look, as we break down all the fashion in the “Lover” video, scene by scene.

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