Here's how to get £32 worth of Boots No7 make up for £12

The shop currently has a deal on where, if you buy two selected No7 items, you get a free 'Summer Treats' gift set.

We worked out that that the cheapest combination of No7 items to get are two, Stay Perfect 10ml nail varnishes.

They come in loads of brilliant summery colours including Me Me Me (hot pink), Vivid Violet and Twinkle Glitter (pale blue).

As the gift box set contains mascara, primer, nail polish and facial sun cream, you can pay just £12 and get £32 worth of goodies.

And if you were planning to stock up on No7 products anyway, you may as well do it now.

The offer runs in stores until June 5, or you can buy it online.

What you will get in your summer gift set?

  • Airbrush Away' primer, 10ml – worth £5.50 based on full-sized 30ml version.
  • 'Extreme Length' waterproof mascara, 4.5ml – worth £8 based on full-sized 7ml version.
  • Gel finish nail polish in 'Summer Holiday', 4ml – worth £3 based on full-sized 10ml version.
  • 'Protect & Perfect' intense advanced facial sun protection SPF 15, 10ml – worth £3 based on full-sized 50ml version.

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