Holly Willoughby wants to be seen as ‘vulnerable’ while Mel Sykes ‘oozes sex’ – what celebs’ self portraits reveal

HOLLY Willoughby and Christine Lampard have joined celebrities in taking part in the new “women supporting women” Instagram challenge.

Body language expert Judi James said the black and white selfies “throw up some revealing clues about the celebrities pulling them” as they are “styled like portraits.”

Numerous stars have got involved in the women empowerment project, from Emily Atack to Megan McKenna – but what can we learn from each star’s photo choice?

Speaking to Fabulous, Judi said of the carefully selected shots: “These poses aren’t just for the usual fans, they’re appealing in a more direct way to other women here, making the body language choices even more telling.

“For many of them it seems to have been an opportunity to step away from the usual branded image and show a completely different (and possibly more honest) side to their personalities.”

Here, Judi reveals what each stars’ self portraits really say about them…

Holly Willoughby = The Vulnerable Girl 

It looks as though Holly has wiped her gleaming breakfast TV smile off along with her make-up here, offering what looks like a glimpse of the real woman behind all the pazazz. 

This is a more thoughtful and less girlie version of Holly and her facial expression, plus the way she’s placed herself on a nest of traditional floral prints, seems to hint at a more vulnerable side.

Melanie Sykes = The Sexual Goddess 

Mel is promoting and emphasising her sultry, sexy side here, lying back in sexual goddess mode with one hand behind her head and sultry, parted lips. 

Her eyes wear a sleepy, sexual expression and she’s been very directive in her focus with some close cropping to feature her facial expression rather than her clothing and hair.

Christine Lampard = The Unpretentious Best Mate

This is probably the most straightforward and down to earth body language, with a natural and un-posed look and a happy grin. 

With the ‘Love’ logo on the top this is Christine showing her unpretentious side in a pose that suggests she’d enjoy offering support via bonding like your sister or your best mate.

What is the new ‘Women Supporting Women’ Instagram trend?

The “Women Supporting Women” challenge on social media consists of women posting a black and white picture of themselves on Instagram using the hashtag #womensupportingwomen.

In order to participate, you must post a black and white photo of yourself on Instagram and tag other women to keep the chain going.

Once you are tagged, you must use the hashtag #womensupportingwomen and write “challenge accepted” in the caption.

The idea for the challenge is to build self-confidence and support via social media.

Alex Jones = The Party Animal 

Dropping her One Show gleaming and well-groomed persona here, Alex seems to enjoy posing wearing tousled, bed-head hair and a wide, naughty smile that bares the entire upper line of teeth. 

Her eyes are rounded with what looks like excitement, which seems to engage the camera to offer support with an invite to join in the fun like a party-animal best friend inviting you along on a hen night.

Emily Atack = The Glam Celeb 

With her straight head and neck and her very recognisable styling, Emily is probably the celeb showing her more identifiable side rather than revealing an alternative version of herself. 

With her carefully tousled hair and the parted lips she’s chosen to look glam here although the slight raising of one eyebrow hints at some serious thinking too.

Megan McKenna = The Sexy Mystery 

She seems to be baring all in this pose, as the woman who can easily hold her own on various reality squabbles and dramas suddenly appears naked in terms of no make-up and pinned-back hair, with a lowered chin suggesting some hidden vulnerabilities. 

Megan’s hand is up to her head in a partial cut-off to suggest some wariness although the part-pout still keeps things looking sexy.

Jennifer Lopez = Powerful and intense 

This is the pose that focuses most tightly on the eye expression and her pose is cropped to ensure that’s where our attention is drawn to. 

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul so J-Lo looks happy to share her own emotions openly here as well as listening to yours with this powerful and intense eye-contact. 

The eye expression is so magnetic you barely spot the sexually-parted lips but the finger touching them adds a note of doubt or reflection.

Fearne Cotton = The Introvert 

This could be a slightly superior pose, gazing down into the camera rather than looking direct, although Fearne’s gentle smile makes it look caring and almost nurturing. 

The outgoing presenter looks quiet and slightly introverted here, like a friend you’d choose to keep you company when you have a problem.

Frankie Bridge = The Fun One 

The mask is a current and responsible touch to show Frankie is fully on board with more meaningful messaging although the leather jacket and snakeskin print fabric of the mask shows she’s not going to compromise her personality while part of her face is hidden. 

It’s the raised brows and wide eye expression that signals her unmistakably fun, humorous side here, showing her support would come in the form of sharing a laugh.

Nicole Scherzinger = The Glam Puss

Nicole has pulled out all the top-level glam, power-dressing stops here with a real Hollywood vibe to her pose and styling. 

The way she’s positioned herself by the window suggests her  location and background are an important part of her personal brand.

The exaggerated, massive pout suggests a hint of both ironic and iconic sexuality here.

Florence Pugh = The Clever Actress

This hilarious eye-gurn from the very beautiful Florence shows she’s all about her acting talent rather than her looks. 

Her wonky eye and her wonky necklace suggest a lack of vanity, but a strong sense of irreverence and humour. 

She looks clever and intriguing here, telling us she shouldn’t be taken for granted in terms of her screen and red-carpet image.

Zoella = The Free Spirit 

The social media influencer shows us her outdoors side here, with a retro hippie, Cadbury’s flake-style look complete with views of fields, forests and clouds. 

The way her eyes go up to the right rather than looking into the camera suggests a wistful, more mysterious vibe, with an inspired and rather wise-looking smile making her look like a free spirit at heart.

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