Hollywood Is Obsessed With These Skin-Friendly Disposable Face Masks, and So Am I

We're back to it again — mask wearing, I mean. I personally never really stopped wearing mine indoors, even when guidance changed. I've gotten so used to wearing a face mask that it's become sort of like a second nature thing. That said, it took me a while to find one I really could stand wearing for hours on end, and though I've switched off between cotton and disposable designs the past 12-plus months, I can really only wear the latter this time of year. 

There are thousands of disposable options, but Hollywood and I seem to agree that some of the best out there are from Evolvetogether, a brand that blew up last year and continues to reign supreme now. Take a look at the celeb street style scene from 2020 and 2021 and I guarantee you'll see just about every big name in the book sporting a white, black, or green face mask stamped with the Evolvetogether logo.

Katie Holmes reaches for her Evolvetogether mask for just about every New York City outing. She's worn the white version (stamped with NYC coordinates), the black style (stamped with Milan's), and the rare green Amazonia edition. Supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have also played favorites with various Evolvetogether colors, as have EmRata, Rihanna, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Shop now: $9; evolvetogether.com

Shop now: $9; evolvetogether.com

I've personally tested out so many face masks — and in the process, built up quite the collection that I share with my family — but out of all the ones I own, I find myself reaching for my Evolvetogether face mask most often. And that, in and of itself, speaks to how great it is. 

Evolvetogether's skin-friendly face masks have a three-ply design: a water-resistant inner and outer layer — perfect for those super sweaty days we're experiencing now, as well as a tightly woven meltblown center for maximum filtration efficiency, filtering over 98 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of non-bacteria (read: pollution and allergens). The cherry on top of an already great face mask is that these are made in a FDA-registered factory, so you can feel really good wearing them.

The masks also have soft, no-tug loops that don't pull on my smaller ears and an adjustable nose bridge for a customized fit. I also have a smaller face, and these don't swallow me up like others can. My mom, who wears glasses, has tested them out indoors at work and can attest to the fact they don't fog up either.

I've worn my Evolvetogether masks for everything from workouts and bike rides around the city to shopping and dinner dates with friends, and every time, they've carried me through without working up a sweat (and they look pretty fashionable, too). Thanks to the super soft interior, I also haven't seen any acne flare ups since wearing them, even during this East Coast heatwave.

It's honestly no wonder these face masks have racked up a million-long waitlist and a celeb fan list that includes just about everyone in Hollywood. They're just that good. So if you're looking to stock up on protective face coverings again, you have my word that these will become your new favorites. Shop them below.

Shop now: $9; evolvetogether.com

Shop now: $9; evolvetogether.com

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