How much do models get paid, why are they so skinny and do they get to keep the clothes? All your London Fashion Week questions answered

But before everything kicks off, we thought we'd ask our fashion experts a few questions about what REALLY goes on throughout the biannual event.

These are their answers…

1. How much do models get paid per show?

Tracey Lea Sayer – Fashion Director at Fabulous – reveals: "It depends on the designer and the model."

2. Why are they all so skinny?

"Runway models are an enigma, their height and slim frame are most of the time just the way they look, whether they have a fast metabolism or are just born that way," says Clemmie.

"In recent years the fashion industry has tried to banish girls that are unnaturally slim, for example France has created laws against allowing models under a certain weight to work.

"The models I have worked with in the past work hard for their figures with fitness and a healthy diet – but they do love a binge on a Big Mac every once in a while just like the rest of us."

3. Do models have any control over what they wear?

4. Do they get to keep the clothes? Are the clothes specially made for them?

5. Do you have to ask Street Style photographers to take your photo? How do they decide who to photograph and what are they looking for?

Tracey says: "Street Style photographers normally approach the people they want to shoot.

"They're looking for big name bloggers and editors, people who are unusually dressed or right on trend."

6. How long does it take for models to get ready before walking down the runway?

"From casting to fittings to the day of the show it can take anything from two months to two days," says Clemmie.

"The day will run with a walk through, a practice run for everyone including lighting, sound, dressers and of course the models.

"Sometimes these can be as little as two hours long from start to finish."

7. Why are we seeing spring/summer looks in September?

"Because the clothes have to be bought by shops, which takes place a month after the shows, and then the production process starts," explains Tracey.

"Designers have started doing small runs of 'see now, buy now' but the majority of clothes will always be for the following season."

8. How long does it take designers to create their collections?

Daisy says: "It depends on the designer, but from start to finish they usually take around 18 months.

"This includes conception, planning, design and presentation."

9. How long do fashion shows usually last?

10. What goes on at a London Fashion Week after-party?

Tracey says: "The same that goes on at any other party – dancing, drinking and selfies."

11. How do you get tickets to the shows and how do designers decide their guest lists?

"Fashion shows are invite only events sent to industry professionals such as press and buyers, plus celebrities and fashion bloggers," says Clemmie.

"But there’s no need to feel left out, you can watch a number of shows live at or on the brand's social media channels – and save yourself from being squashed on a tiny bench.

"Plus, you can buy tickets for London Fashion Weekend to see smaller shows and presentations and can still soak up the buzz from the week."

12. What do the models eat? Is there food anywhere?

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