How often should you wash kids' hair & the products you should NEVER use

CHILDREN'S hair is much weaker than adults', so it doesn't require the same amount of washing and treatment. 

Regular washes are needed. However, if you wash your little one’s hair too often, it can become harmful as their delicate scalp can get damaged.

For most kids, shampooing daily can strip hair of its natural oils – so parents need to be careful not to wash their hair too much.

From nine-years-old onwards, hair tends to get greasy more easily, so you can then start to wash your child's hair more often each week. 

Don’t forget there’s certain lifestyle choices that impact your child’s hair regime, like swimming classes! 

Don’t worry if this all sounds confusing as we’ve spoken to the experts to find out exactly how often you should wash your kids’ hair and the products you should avoid.


Joyce French, hygiene expert at HomeHow, revealed when parents wash their child’s hair, they should steer clear of using normal shampoo. 

She said: “You should avoid using normal shampoo as they contain stronger chemicals which can cause scalp irritation. 

“Instead, you should use baby or kid-friendly shampoo that will be more delicate on soft hair and sensitive scalps.”

Elsewhere parenting expert and qualified Early Years Practitioner Kirsty Ketley shared her advice on shampooing kids’ hair.  

The mum-of-two, who shares her tips on her website, said: “It is important to use shampoo designed for babies and children.

“Not only are these kind on the eyes, they also don't contain artificial colours or parabens which are in adult shampoo and are not necessary for children. 

“Older children – around eight-years-old perhaps, should be fine using adult shampoo I think but ensure it’s a gentle one.”


As adults, we love slathering conditioner on our hair to make it super silky and get rid of those impossible knots. 

But cleaning Expert Joyce insisted it’s not needed on babies – and should only be used after the age of two – where it can also help keep pesky nits away.  

She advised: “You should not use conditioner on children younger than two, as baby hair is very fine, so applying conditioner can be damaging.

“You can use a small amount of conditioner on children aged two or above, as conditioning hair will make it more manageable and softer. 

“Conditioner will make it much easier to brush out tangles from messy playground sessions, and can even help prevent nits. 

“If the hair is smoother, the nits will have nothing to grab onto.”

Meanwhile parenting expert Kirsty agreed and said kid-friendly conditioners are fine to use on children – but not babies. 

She said: “Conditioner that is for children is fine to use, particularly if your child has knots and tangles, as this will help keep them to a minimum.” 


Cleaning a child's hair too often can result in a dry scalp or even dermatitis, which can cause the scalp to become sore or swollen, warned Joyce.

But she also explained that not washing your child's hair often enough can cause dandruff, hair breakage, and excess oil. 

She added: “It may also result in an infection of the hair follicles."

Parenting expert Kirsty revealed that there’s no real right or wrong with hair washing. 

It is advised that babies perhaps only have their hair washed once a week due to their sensitive skin, but Kirsty suggested there will be times when this is impossible.

She said: “Obviously there will be weeks where your little ones have puked and rolled in it or when weaning, they have got food in their hair, so it is fine to wash as necessary. 

“Too much washing can dry the scalp but if it needs washing, it needs washing! 

“As children get older, you tend to notice their hair becoming greasy. 

“It will be different for each child, so some might need every other day, some may need two-three times a week. Again though, if hair needs washing, it needs washing!”

Kirsty also added that it is not necessary to blow dry kids’ hair – instead just towel drying and leaving it to dry naturally, works best. 


HomeHow’s cleaning expert Joyce said babies and children do not produce as much oil on the scalp as adults do.

Therefore two times a week is sufficient for washing your child's hair. 

But she added if your child has a cradle cap, you should wash their hair more frequently and use a gentle, perfume-free shampoo.


If your child has sensitive skin, you should try to look for a soap-free body wash to avoid any irritation, recommended Joyce.

She said: “You should also avoid any products that contain parabens and sulfates, as these chemicals are too harsh for a child's skin. 

“Steer clear of any fragranced body cleaning products, as this can cause itchiness and make your child more uncomfortable.”

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