How to calm pets during hurricane – tips to keep dogs, cats and other pets calm and safe as Hurricane Lorenzo approaches the UK

HURRICANES are a terrifying experience for everyone, but they can be especially terrifying for your pets.

Read our top tips on how to calm your pet down during the storm as Hurricane Lorenzo approaches the UK.

How to calm pets during hurricane?

Shelter your pets

The most important thing you must firstly do, is make sure there is a roof over your pet during a hurricane.

Once there has been a hurricane warning issued in your area, or you suspect that a hurricane is building, you should bring your pets inside your home.

Giving them shelter alongside your other family members is key to taking care of them during a hurricane.

If your pet is hesitant to come indoors, pick them up if you can or put a leash on them and pull them inside.

It's better to use a little bit of force with your pet than to leave them outside during a dangerous hurricane.

It's best to practice evacuating your pet from outside and into sheltered area before the hurricane strikes, just so you and your pet are ready when need be.

Create a calm atmosphere

Give your pet the comfort and attention they need to calm their anxiety.

Try a calming massage to help your dog relax during the storm.

Place your pet's crate and/or bed in the most sound-proof room of your home.

Distract your pet

Play a game of fetch with your dog, or hang a piece of string above your cat – anything that will distract them and get their mind off the storm.

Dog-calming music can also be helpful for the highly nervous dog to muffle the sound of the storm.

If bad weather is in the forecast, try to be home or have someone stay with your pet during the hurricane, there's nothing worse than a pet being alone during times of distress.

Visit your vet prior to the storm

If your pet is not listening to you or is highly-anxious, visit your vet for helpful tips on what to physically do to calm your pet down.

Although its the last resort, your vet may prescribe some medicine for your pet to deal with the stress.

Stock up on supplies

When you stock up on bottled water and nonperishable foods for yourself, make sure you also get plenty of food and water for your pets.

Don't forget to also stock up on any medications they take.

Other types of supplies, like cat litter or small animal bedding should also be on-hand.

Prepare an emergency kit

Pack your pet's necessities as well as your own in case of an emergency.

It's recommended that you pack for seven days' worth of stuff – both for your pet and your family.

Have it in a duffle bag or backpack -so that it doesn't take too much space up.


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