How to ‘fake clean’ your house so it looks spotless in 10 minutes – including spraying window cleaner on the front door

AFTER spending most of our time at home over the past year, and not having any visitors, it’s safe to say our standards may have dropped slightly. 

But if you’re ready for a spring clean and are eyeing up the end of lockdown to finally host again, experts have revealed sneaky tips to keep your house looking as tidy as possible with minimal effort. 

These six tips only take a few minutes each – perfect for when you have zero motivation after being on the couch all day. 

A team of interior designers, from My Domaine, shared their fake it till you make it list, and their top tip is spending ten minutes ‘straightening up’ the place. 

“A clean home doesn’t always have to be clean, but it has to be organized,” Kristen Peña, owner of K Interiors, explained. 

This means ensuring everything is in its right place – chairs are tucked in, cushions are neat and remotes are all grouped together. 

Six tips to ‘fake clean’ your house

  • Spend 10 minutes straightening things up
  • Hide your mess in stylish storage containers 
  • Always have a candle lit
  • Spritz areas to keep them smelling fresh
  • Only tidy the main rooms
  • Keep counters clear

If you do have excess clutter lying around which you simply can’t face organising just yet, simply grab a stylish storage container to stash it in. 

That way your house will look neat, and you can tackle the junk when you’re feeling up to it.

Alessandra Wood, interior design expert, explained it’s especially important if you live in a small space, saying: “Without storage, your space gets messy and disorganized and that can bring out the worst in people.”

Next on the list is smells, and you might be surprised at how much a candle can brighten your mood, and help create a relaxing and calming ambience. 

A clean home doesn’t always have to be clean, but it has to be organized

Have one lit at all times – apart from while you sleep and if you leave the house – and bask in its comforting glow. 

But make sure you pick up a scented one to flood your house with a welcoming fragrance. 

Another scented tip is having a bottle of glass cleaner, like Windex, on hand at all times.

An interior designer revealed she does a quick spray every morning, making her home smell as if it's just been cleaned.

Gail M Davis, an interior designer, noted: "The scent stays and makes it seem as if I just finished cleaning."

Leave a bottle by the front door to give it a quick blast for when guests start popping over again.

Lastly, we all have ‘the cupboard’ or ‘the closet’ which sees an avalanche of stuff fall on top of us when we open it. 

Keeping surfaces clear of any clutter really helps a home feel cleaner than it is

Certain rooms can be a bit like that, so if tidying the whole house feels overwhelming, only focus on key spaces. 

Keep the areas you use the most clutter-free, and simply shut the door on any mess, ready to tackle tomorrow. 

Finally,they say the kitchen is the heart of the party, so make sure yours is presentable by keeping the counters clear.

It can easily descend into chaos with pots, pans and dishes everywhere, so make an effort to at least stack everything up in one spot. 

“Keeping surfaces clear of any clutter really helps a home feel cleaner than it is,” Ashley Moore, interior designer, added.

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