I complained to my butcher when our Christmas turkey never cooked and ruined our day- but he pointed out my BIG mistake

WE don't consider ourselves to be a particularly talented cook by any stretch of the imagination – but Christmas lunch is something we approach like a military operation.

So naturally, we were full of sympathy when this woman's turkey didn't cook in time for Christmas lunch – that is, until she confessed her HUGE mistake.

On Boxing Day, disgruntled customer Zoe decided to message NL Woodcock Butchers in Oldham and accused them of ruining her Christmas.

In her furious message, the woman explained how she'd ordered a humongous 12lbs turkey – which despite her best efforts, never cooked all the way through.

She fumed: "When we carved it, it was still very very pink inside so we had to put it back in the oven.

"One hour later, we got it out again but it was still pink so my husband carved it all and put it back in because we thought it would cook quicker like this."


After waiting another hour, the couple decided to call it quits when the meat appeared as though it hadn't cooked.

She continued: "Eventually we gave up and had Xmas dinner two hour late with no meat."

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Later that night, Zoe decided to try the turkey – assuming it would have eventually cooked – and that's when she realised it was actually GAMMON.

The woman decided to complain to the butchers as she was convinced that they'd mixed up her order – but it turns out, the opposite was true.

After looking her up on the system, the butchers explained how the hamper Zoe had purchased included a full gammon joint and NOT a turkey.

"Oh my god I'm such a t***," she replied. "Please accept my apologies."

When we carved it, it was still very very pink inside so we had to put it back in the oven. Eventually we gave up and had Xmas dinner two hour late with no meat.

She added: "Oh well, it couldn't have made Xmas worse anyway because my whole house apart from me have Covid."

Luckily for Zoe, the butchers did still have some turkey leftover from Christmas – and they even gave it to her for free for giving them a chuckle.

They replied: "The price is nothing as its the best laugh I've had this year. Hope all the family get well soon."

Sharing screenshots of the exchange on Facebook, the butchers wrote: "Looking after our customers. Sorry Zoe but we thought it was funny!"

"Priceless," one follower commented.

Another added: "This is hilarious!"

Along with two laughing emojis, Zoe wrote: "I'm so pleased everyone has had a massive laugh at our stupidity!"

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