I dropped 10 dress sizes in just SIX months without surgery, no-one can believe I’m the same person

SOMETIMES losing the extra pounds can feel like mission impossible, so that’s why it’s great when others share their top tips and tricks. 

Lauren Davies is one woman who did this after people were constantly commenting on her body transformation. 

It came after her incredible weight loss, as she dropped from a size 20 to a size 10 in six months. 

With a following of 33k, she had people constantly congratulating her and even asking if she is “the same person.”

Another added: “OMG no way.” 

In two different videos, Lauren explained her daily food routine showing what she consumes. 


In one video, while she was working on shift, she ate: “Protein oats with a banana. Chicken with rice and tenderstem broccoli.”

To drink she has summer fruit squash, and it seems she allows herself to enjoy some fun snacks too, as her food diary included: Alpro chocolate dessert, Duplo hazelnut bar and some drumstick squashies.

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For dinner she had fish fingers with chips, beans and some green veggies. 

On a day where she is not working, it seems she isn’t too strict as well.

In the video, her food routine included: Jam on toast, post workout chocolate protein shake, vegan burger bagel with salad, hot chocolate, lemon drizzle cake, Milky bar buttons, McDonald's fries, chicken selects and cheese dippers.”

Someone asked her how she manages to fit in her workouts, to which Lauren replied: “I just go when I don’t have work! I do like 15-20,000 steps a day at work so that’s like going to the gym.”

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