I dropped out of school but now make £21k a month with my side hustle…my mum retired early and does it too, it’s so easy | The Sun

ARE YOU fed up working 9-5 and still not having much money at the end of the month?

If you’ve realised that the office slog isn’t for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Side hustles have become an increasingly popular source of income for many amid the cost of living crisis.

And one mother and son duo are proving that there are other options on ways to earn a living, rather than spending your day at an office desk. 

Known on TikTok as ‘Raiken Profit’ this male entrepreneur is proving that you can earn a fortune if you take a risk.

The full time reseller has made six-figures thanks to his Amazon side hustle and even managed to get his mother, Cathy, 67, to get involved too.

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Raiken’s mum Cathy, a mum-of-two, retired at 67 but after realising that she wouldn’t be able to live off of her state pension and after getting bored quickly, she turned to her son’s side hustle to earn a living.

Both mother and son are Amazon Book sellers and have taken to TikTok to share how they make their money, and how you can too.

And don’t worry if you haven’t got a big pot of spare money lying around to get your started, there’s none of that needed here.

Raiken assured his TikTok followers: “If you’re broke and think having no money to start a business is a good excuse, then watch this.”

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The entrepreneur has shared a multitude of TikTok videos explaining his financial success to his 233.9k followers.

He revealed that he went from being a “high school dropout to making $20k [£16,999] per month selling items on Amazon FBA.”

If that sounds like something up your street, you’re in luck, as here we have all the tips on how you could do this too.

Raiken continued: “I couldn’t stand working on normal 9-5 and feeling like an animal locked in a cage.

“So I learned the skill of selling books on Amazon.

“One thing led to another and my business started to grow and I expanded into new ways to source and new products to flip. 

“This is an easy side hustle. Anyone can start for less than $100 [£85] and this business has huge potential. 

“This is one of my favourite side hustles that anyone can do on a small budget and it’s fun.

“I’ve done over $20,000 [£16,999] in the last 30 days flipping books and DVDs from thrift stores.”

But it’s not just Raiken that has earned money from this side hustle, his mum has too. 

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He explained: “Matter of fact I helped my mum retire by selling books on Amazon.

“This online business changed my mum’s life.

“Most people are shocked when they hear how my mom makes money online at 67 years old!

“My mom retired at 67 and then started selling used books on Amazon because she was bored and now makes $3-5k [£2,549-£4,249] per month.

“She scans books with the Amazon seller app from thrift stores.

“Then she ships them to Amazon FBA, then they store it, ship it, provide customer service and she gets paid automatically. 

“She certainly isn’t rich off this side hustle but it really helps pay the bills and support retirement. 

“She’s been doing this for over 7 years. 

“My mum goes to the same thrift stores, sometimes one or two times a day.

“If you go every single day, that’s the key, because you never know when a good book is going to come out.”

Before Cathy started this side hustle, she was “struggling to make ends meet after retirement and social security.”

Her son explained that: “Social security only paid my mom $700 a month so we took things into our own hands. 

Now she makes $3-5k [£2,549-£4,249] per month selling books from the thrift store on Amazon FBA.” 

So if you want to know more about this side hustle, Raiken explains how it’s done.

He added: “All you need to do is download the Amazon seller app – it’s 100% free.

“Scan the barcode, once you scan the barcode, it will bring up the Amazon listing and it will show how much it’s selling for, how long it will take to sell and how much profit you will make. 

“If you want to go a step further, download the ScoutIQ app which I use, scan the barcode and you can see the e-score [how many of that item sold over the last month].

“This will put some really nice profits in my pocket. 

“Over the last 30 days, my mum and I have sold over $25,000 [£21,249] on Amazon.”

Raiken raves about this clever side hustle, and if you need some more reassurance, he revealed the top five reasons why he and his mum love selling books on Amazon.

He claimed: “Inexpensive to buy, low competition compared to other items, high profit margins, the right books sell really fast online, it’s so much fun!

“Anyone can do this. I’m nothing special, if I could do this then so can you.” 

“The goal is $40K [£33,999] per month by end of year with 35% profit margins.” 

TikTok users were inspired by Raiken and his mum’s story and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “I love this story! Your mom is so motivating and I love that she’s out there slaying the book game.” 

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Another added: “Happy for your Mom. Great motivation.”

A third commented: “So glad that you were able to show her this! And she kills it!!! Tell her we are proud of her!”

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