I found out my friend’s boyfriend was cheating on her so got revenge – he won’t be driving to see her any time soon

A WOMAN revealed how she got the ultimate revenge on her best friend’s boyfriend after he cheated.

Tiktok user Law shared exactly how she made her best friend’s cheating ex pay for his mistakes.

The first step in her plan was to track down the cheating boyfriend.

She said: “So, I found out my friend’s boyfriend was cheating on her and I found his car at the other girl’s house.”

She spotted that he was parked illegally and decided to capitalise on this.

“He didn’t have a parking pass so I called and got his car towed”, she said.

Law said “now he can stay” at the new girl’s house.

She captioned the video: “And that’s on being a good friend.”

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The video racked up over half a million likes and commenters were in awe of Law’s dedication to her friend.

“We all need friends like you”, said one commenter, while another wrote: “You get BFF of the year award!”

“If the friendship isn’t on this level… I don’t want to have it”, agreed a third.

Some, however, said she should’ve stayed out of it.

One wrote: “This is the problem. Y’all be in everyone else’s business but your own.”

“You need to stay in your lane and mind your business. Get you a man, you won’t have time to watch someone else’s man”, agreed another.

Law often makes videos detailing how she tests relationships on behalf of girlfriends everywhere – she checks to see if boyfriends are loyal and reports back on request.

She even calls herself a “cheater detective”.

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