I gave my council house a posh makeover, people say I should give it up as I have enough money, but I worked hard on it

A MUM has defended keeping her council house despite having enough money to give it a luxurious makeover.

TikTok user abitofme123 regularly shares videos of the incredible transformation she has given her social housing property over the last eight years.

The mum has added chic wooden panelling to her front room, redecorated her bathroom, created the perfect pink space in her daughter’s bedroom and gave her garden a Hinch-inspired makeover.

But while plenty of viewers were amazed by the mum’s hard work, others were left questioning whether she should give up the council house for someone needier.

Commenting on one of her videos, one wrote: “If you can afford to do all that, do you really need a council house? There are people living in poor conditions waiting for one of these homes.”

The mum then made a follow-up video showcasing her pristine home, captioning it: “Why would I give up everything I’ve worked for?”

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However, the commenters were not done yet.

“I think what they are saying is how did you get a council house if you have all this money to decorate it?” asked one.

Responding, the mum wrote: “Yes I work, they’re not given to people on low incomes anyone can apply. I had this 17 years ago when I was 18 with a baby and nowhere to live.

“Everything was done on a budget, sale items, discounts and over the space of the last 3 years.”

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Who is elgible for council housing?

You are eligible to apply for council housing if you are a British citizen living in the UK and you have not lived abroad recently.

Each council has its own local rules about who qualifies to go on the housing register in its area.

EU workers and their families and refugees may also be eligible.

Councils decide who gets offered housing based on a points system, which are based on housing need.

For example, you’re likely to be offered housing first if you:

  • are homeless
  • live in cramped conditions
  • have a medical condition made worse by your current home

Once you’re high enough on the list, your council will contact you about an available property.

“I understand people are waiting for council homes but we love ours, I can’t give it up.”

She went on to explain that they had been offered the right to buy a few years ago but hadn’t been able to afford it and secured lifetime tenancy instead.

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She added: “All the council owns is the bricks and mortar everything else is my home

“I’ve spent the last eight years rebuilding my life and my home.”

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