I got a hair transplant on my eyebrows and now they grow so long I have to trim them

BEAUTY treatments can make you feel fresh, new and confident but they can sometimes carry a risk.

For Haley Sellers, she found out the hard way that an extreme hair transplant on your face can leave you with incredibly long eyebrows for life.

In a TikTok, she said: "So I was born with really, really blonde eyebrows and I never put stuff in them.

"At the end of my freshman year (of high school) I told my mum I wanted my eyebrows done because they were a little bit wild, little bit crazy.

"She told me to just tweeze them myself. So that's what I did.

"I tweezed them, I tried looking up images to try to do it, I didn't know what I was doing.


"It became this really bad habit of plucking my eyebrows every time I would see a long hair.

"So then it lead to a point of drawing on my eyebrows and this lasted from junior year of high school up until 2018." Haley said as she later clarified that she finished high school in 2017.

Sharing a hint of what was to come, Haley said: "Before my surgery I got micro-blading, but the cr***y thing about this is that it only lasted me a week.

"Then I went to get a touch up, lasted me a week. So then I started drawing on my eyebrows again."

All of a sudden, something changed when: "My dad came home one night and told me he had a surprise for me.

"So then I opened it and it was an eyebrow picture and it said 'Baby got brows back,' so I was like ok, confused, what is this.

"He was like, 'You're gonna get eyebrows'." Haley said.

Still confused, Haley replied: "I was like: "What do you mean?"

"He's like you're gonna get a hair transplant to your eyebrows."

"I was so scared, the morning of my surgery I was terrified," she shared.

"So they took this much of my hair," Haley said as she showed where her hair had been cut from her head.

"They cut out a piece of my scalp, it goes from my ear to the middle of my head." She said, touching the back of her head.

"They took out the piece of scalp and they sewed me back up and they took the hair follicles out of my scalp and they implanted them into my face."

Haley then showed pictures of her face after the surgery and said she was "super swollen."

"The good thing about is that I did not feel anything, 125% numb for the whole thing," she shared optimistically.

"That was in 2018 but now they are long and pretty growing."

Haley then showed what her eyebrows look like today and repeatedly said: "They're super long," as she pulled up her hairs upward to cover her forehead.

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Many commenters had no idea this sort of procedure was available, whilst others offered help and advice for Haley as well as praising her dad.

A few asked: "Why wouldn’t they take like arm hair or something, then at least it wouldn’t grow so long?" or "Why would they use head hair follicles instead of arm/leg that wouldn't grow so long?"

To which Haley replied: "This isn’t a 'science' answer, but from my own personal opinion, I think it would be harder especially since the follicles are father apart on the leg."

Another was shocked by the treatment as they said: "The way I yelled 'WHAT' when you said they took some of your scalp."

While many praised her dad, saying: "Either way it’s so cute that he saw your struggle and found you a long term solution," and even thought he should get the: "Dad of the century award."

"Your dad noticed what you wanted and took it into his own hands!! & you’re one of few who could braid their brows, I am jealous," added another.

An expert chimed in who wrote: "I work for a hair transplant surgeon and we do this every day! I can give you some tips on trimming if you like so they look more natural."

Some asked her if she could shave them while one suggested: "You should get them laminated. They’ll be a lot easier to manage when you trim them."

Haley said she was 100% happy with them and said that the ones in her video took a couple of months to grow to their length.

"So happy you are happy! i have the same problem. I’ll stick to my eyebrow pencil. but happy for you!!" Wrote a fan with blonde eyebrows too.

A few offered Haley a diagnosis for her hair pulling, as they wrote: "It sounds like you had trichotillomania, I suffer with it," and another wrote: "So you had trichotillomania? Me too, I got mine successfully micro bladed tho."

"You didn't like long hairs and look at you now haha you're perfect though babe," said another, realising Haley had been on quite the journey with her eyebrows.

"Why don’t you cut them to the normal eyebrow length? I don’t feel like they intended for you to grow them all the way out," asked a commenter.

"I just trim them every month to two months." Haley said, as she shared another TikTok, where she trimmed her long eyebrow hairs.

"This is crazy!!!!" Wrote a commenter, blown away by her length.

"Omg this is so cool! I have a million questions. Do they grow endlessly, like hair? What do they look like close up? Your dad sounds amazing btw," a curious commenter asked.

Haley replied: "They do! They grow like my regular hair. And I could do a close up later! And thank you, I’m forever grateful for him."

"They grow in the same cycle that the hair on my head does." Haley explained.

"Omg I want this but I would looked nuts, I have super curly hair," shared one.

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