I got married on a Friday to save £4K but people trolled me for asking guests to take the day off work | The Sun

GETTING married can be notoriously expensive nowadays, and many brides are forced to find ways to keep costs down.

One bride revealed on TikTok how she had put her wedding day on a Friday to save a whopping £4,000 – but sparked a debate for asking guests to take the day off work.

Speaking on TikTok, Isla Rose Potkins said: “To cut it short, we saved £4,000 by having our wedding on a Friday.

“If people didn’t want to take the day off work to come, then I don’t want to pay for your space.”

Isla had been hitting back at a comment that criticised her for making people miss work.

They had written: “Friday… saved you a lot of money, and all your guests had to loose a days pay or holiday. Nice.”

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Her video on her @islarosepotkins account split opinion with many people supporting her view.

One said: “10000% If I’m not worth 1 days annual leave then you shouldn’t be invited anyway.”

Another added: “LOVE a Friday wedding as you then still have the whole weekend.”

A third commented: “and not everyone has a Monday – Friday job….”

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However some didn’t agree, with one saying: “it’s not always about wanting too, sometimes you physically can’t get the day off.”

Isla replied saying: “I get this but unfortunately it’s so hard to please 100+ guests.”

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