I had a great first date with a guy – but what he texted me when I got home as made me swear off men entirely

THE world is full of mean people and, unfortunately, this woman had to encounter one of them.

After going on a date, which she thought went pretty well, the TikTok user, Sammi,got home only to then receive a very unpleasant text message from the man she had just seen.

In the screenshot Sammi had uploaded, the man could be seen having written he had thoroughly enjoyed their time together.

However, despite liking her, he also wanted to be ''100 transparent'' with Sammi.

''Your weight surprised me a bit tonight.


''Idk if that makes me an a*****e and I'm sorry if it does,'' he wrote.

''i understand some people have preferences,'' Sammi then shared in the comments' section.

''the main issue here is that i TOLD him i struggle w eating/weight prior to him.''

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Despite the upsetting experience, she added: ''i wanna believe not everyone is this s****y.''

Viewers were taken aback, with one writing: ''Also I really can’t see the needing of saying that, I will date him only to punch him in face.''

''He really said "Hey, I got something for ya: 🚩,'' read another comment.

''It's absolutely ok to have preferences.

''It's absolutely not necessary to TELL SOMEONE that if they don't meet them,'' thought one.

''This guy’s character is SO alarming,'' agreed another user.

''Please don’t let his flaws impact your self esteem.

''You are beautiful!!''

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