I had a relationship with my teacher – he asked me out but it wasn't creepy, even if people say it was inappropriate

A WOMAN has revealed that she secretly had a relationship with her teacher after falling for him during class.

Georgia Bridgers, from Cincinnati, revealed that she had been 19 and taking a public speaking class in college when she began to ‘catch feelings’ for her professor.

Sharing her story in a YouTube video, she explained: “I sit in the front row of every single class that I have ever taken 

“Our professor walks in right at 9am, he was very intimidating when he walked in.

“He’s cute and he’s commanding the room, I’m interested… I’ve got a school girl crush on him.”

Georgia says that she guessed his age to be around 25 as he was a graduate assistant that ‘she had her eye on.’

She continued: “I got such a big crush on him I got so excited to go to class every week because I got to see him.

“I wasn’t outwardly flirting with him but I was answering questions in class.”

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In a bid to spend more time with her teacher outside of class, Georgia joined his after school club.

“It was on a Friday night, I got all cute and dressed up,” she explained.

“He and I were talking after, and just being polite and cute as I was, I was just flirting with him.”

Their relationship remained professional until her teacher came into the clothes shop that she worked in with two female friends.

While there, he decided to ask Georgia out but asked that they save their date for when the semester was over, and the pair exchanged numbers.

She added: “We did not text anymore because he was still my professor and that would have been inappropriate.

“I did however say, ‘does that mean I get an A in the class now?’”

Over the next few weeks the pair maintained a student-teacher relationship.

Georgia said: “Obviously the class can’t know that we planned to go out on a date because that would come across as unfair. 

“We didn’t speak for the last couple of weeks of school.”

Georgia admitted that she continued to refer to him as ‘sir’ but on the last day of term her teacher asked to see her after class where they arranged their first date.

She admitted that their first date was not the best.

He’s cute and he’s commanding the room, I’m interested… I’ve got a school girl crush on him

“I was just young, I was 19 and he was 25 and I was just immature,” she recalled.

“I was just so nervous the entire date, and I can tell he was nervous too, vibes were off.”

She appeared to go on a second date with him before he returned home for Christmas – however, she ended up cancelling. 

Georgia, who identifies as bisexual, added: “I then ghosted my professor, I still regret doing that. I just really wanted to experience love with a girl, so I did that.

“As luck would have it I ran into my professor the following semester so many times on campus it was horrible.”

Georgia’s video has since amassed almost 60,000 views and hundreds of comments, and while she didn’t think their relationship was inappropriate, her viewers seemed to disagree.

One wrote: “This is insane lol. Tbh it's not okay for a teacher to ask out a student when they're still teaching.”

“If a 25year old professor wants to date you, when you’re his 19 year old student… run!” agreed another.

A third agreed adding: “As a teacher you don’t pick up students, it’s class and not your personal dating pool.”

Is it illegal for students and teachers to date?

The answer to this really depends on the university.

In recent years many UK universities have introduced policies discouraging relationships between staff and students.

University College London (UCL) recently became the UK’s third university to ban “personal and intimate relationships” between students and the lecturers.

They say that this is to protect students from a potential 'abuse of power.'

However, regardless of education facility the age of consent in the UK 16 regardless of sexual orientation or gender, as stated in the Sexual Offences Act of 2003.

"It is an offence for anyone to have any sexual activity with a person under the age of 16," it says very clearly.

The United States sets its on a state-by-state basis with the lowest being 16 and the highest 18.

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