I had braces to fix my teeth & took them off myself after 11 years – I was so sick of wearing them | The Sun

MANY people who have wonky or crooked teeth opt for braces in a bid to achieve the perfect smile.

Usually, treatment lasts between one and three years – but not for one woman, who removed them herself a whopping 11 years later.

Danielle Ashley, who posts under the acronym @datoxicboss, took to TikTok and posted a video where she explained: "I removed my own braces after having them for ELEVEN YEARS!!!"

In the clip, she shares a snap of her teeth with braces, before revealing what they look like after.

Alongside the video she shared several hashtags, including: "enough is enough, "do not try this at home" and "I was over it."

In a second clip, she posted more photos of what her teeth looked like before she had braces.


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She penned: "Me before the braces…I got them at 19. I was young, dumb, and just doing stuff to be doing it.

"I got down on hard times, loss my insurance and just never got back on my dental plan.

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"Now I’m 30 trying to correct an 11 year old mistake!!"

The post has since gone viral and racked up thousands of views and comments.

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"Your teeth were literally perfect," wrote one.

A second noted: "The smile is the same…with a yellowish brown tint. I’m so confused."

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A third advised: "Your smile was fine! Let the dentist do a professional cleaning. My friend has a similar situation."

Elsewhere, another pointed out: "PLEASE read her caption. Life happened and now she’s trying to correct it. Y’all be kind."

And a further added: "You didn't even need them in the first place, your teeth are great!"

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