I had my bellybutton pierced eight years ago and I’ve only just realised they did it wrong… I’m mortified

WHEN we were teenagers, we couldn't think of anything cooler than having your belly button pierced.

However unlike getting your ears done, there's a LOT that can go wrong with your navel.

Namely, the piercings are infinitely harder to clean and have a habit of catching on everything. *shivers*

That said, out of all the belly button piercing horror stories we've heard from friends, this woman's experience has got to be the worst.

Last month, TikTok user Faith Kelly went viral when she admitted that it's taken her eight YEARS to notice her belly button piercing was done incorrectly.

In a viral video that's racked up more than 180k "likes", the 22-year-old, from Essex, explained how she recently swapped the Swarovski stud she had in for a hoop.


After putting in the new piece of jewellery, Faith felt like something wasn't quite right.

And that's when she noticed that it wasn't her navel that was pierced – but her actual stomach.

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She said: "I've just realised, when I say I have a belly piercing, I have a BELLY piercing."

"So that's my belly. That's my belly button. I don't have my belly button pierced.

"I have my belly pierced. What the f**k?"

Urging others not to make her mistake, Faith captioned the video: "Check your piercings right now."

Speaking from experience, one viewer replied: "You have to have enough skin to pierce through so they should’ve checked that first with their fingers.

"Instead they’ve pierced your actual belly!"

Another added: "SORRY WHAT?!"

Meanwhile, a third joked: "New fear unlocked."

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