I live on a cruise ship and having a relationship on board is so complicated – here’s the rules we have to stick to | The Sun

A CRUISE worker has lifted the lid on what it’s really like hooking up on board and why having a relationship is very complicated. 

Speaking on her Cruising as Crew YouTube channel, Lucy shared how many romances are very “intense” when they take place in close quarters.

She said: “My name is Lucy and today we are going to be talking about romantic relationships on cruise ships.

“They are very different on board cruise ships for three reasons.”

She added that “relationships on ships usually start as hook ups”, and explained: “You don't go to work on a cruise ship looking for your long term partner, they are probably going to be from the other side of the world.”

The first reason why they are different from relationships on land is that you “already know when your relationship is going to end.”

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The cruise worker elaborated: “On a cruise ship there are usually 50 nationalities so most likely you will end up with someone from a different country or city.

“Either you are going to continue long distance or it will end.

“It does make you appreciate your time with them more.”

The second reason they are different is that they are “much more intense.”

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She explained: “The reason is because you are living on a ship, and the ship is only so big.

If you were seeing someone on land, then maybe you would see them two or three times a week if you really liked them.

“On a cruise ship you are going to see each other every day.

“Your cabins are probably two minutes away from each other. 

“You literally have to pass their cabin to get to yours.”

And the third reason dating is different is that you are “always in the honeymoon phase.” 

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She said: “On land, there are realities that pop up that maybe dim down the romance. 

“You have to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do together, like laundry and clean and go food shopping.

“They are not exciting, they are just mundane. 

“Whereas on a cruise ship, when you are off, you are off exploring a new place with your girlfriend and boyfriend on board. 

“Everyone wants to explore the world with the person they love or like.

“When you are off together, you are on holiday every day.

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“If you have been with someone on a cruise ship for four months, you’ve basically been in a two-year relationship.”

Lucy said you need to be careful to not get too intense too quickly, as contracts can end and you could be separated within months.

She added that people are away from their friends and family, so can rely on fellow staff as their support systems, so it can be heartbreaking if a relationship ends.

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