I made £1k at a car boot sale in a single morning – here’s what to sell to make a mint and how much to flog it for | The Sun

CAR BOOT SALE season is almost over in the UK – but there's still time to get some cash in before Christmas comes around.

While you may feel like a fish out of water if you've never done it before, there are some tips that'll ensure you make a profit when selling your loot.

Sonny Green, 27, from Southend-on-Sea, England, has been doing car boot sales for almost 20 years, helping his mum with them at just eight-years-old.

Now Sonny, who shares his days selling on YouTube, considers himself a bit of a pro when it comes to selling from his car boot, and even made £1,000 in just one morning.

Here, Sonny reveals to Fabulous the secrets of the trade so that you can make a profit getting rid of your stuff at car boot sales.


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Sale Secrets: Get everyone involved

If you really want to make serious money at a car boot sale then you have to think big.

Instead of focusing on just turning your house upside down for treasure, ask friends and families if there's anything they want to clear out you can bring with you.

Sonny says: "Don't get a skip, do a car boot sale. That's the best bit of advice for anyone."

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Sale secrets: Arrive early

Selling at a car boot sale isn't for the faint-hearted, you'll often have to get up at the crack of dawn if you really want to make your time there worthwhile.

Of course, if your planning on selling you have to get there earlier than buyers to set up your stall, but Sonny recommends getting there as early as you can.

He explains dealers often look around to see what they can buy themselves – which means you'll have already made money before the buyers come.

Sale Secrets: Quantity over quality

Nobody goes to a car boot sale thinking they'll spend lots of money on one item, so don't bother trying to sell expensive stuff there.

"Be realistic at what you're going to sell the stuff for you know, Don't overestimate what you're gonna get for stuff," Sonny explains.

The car boot sale pro recommends never pricing anything over £50 and to focus on quantity of items rather than quality if you really want to make money.

He adds: " If you're selling at car boot sales you're better off just taking as much as you can and selling it for like fivers really, so you want as many £5 items as you can take."

Sale Secrets: Gone in a flash

You might be thinking that there are certain items that are bound to sell well at a car boot sale – and you'd be right.

If you want to ensure you make money after putting in the effort to get up with the sun then keep reading.

The car boot sale whizz reveals that it's often the most boring items that sell like hot cakes, including pots and pans, gardening equipment and tools.

Sale Secrets: Make people spend

Turning up early with a boot full of stuff is just the start – now you have to make people want to buy it.

There's no point wasting time labelling items with how much you want for them says sonny, which makes sense considering half the fun of car boot sales is bargaining for a price.

If you're selling clothes it's worth getting a cheap clothing rail so that people can have a good look through.

For household items, its best to display them on tables or on the ground adds Sonny.

Most importantly, you should always start conversations with people passing and get off your phone.

Sonny reveals: "Don't be a miserable person, have a big smile on your face."

"Look people in their eyes and say hello you know start the conversation don't expect them to start the conversation with you.

"Tell them how much things are as they’re walking past, entice them, have a bit of banter,  Don't be shy, give it a try," he adds.

You can follow Sonny along his car boot sale adventures over on his YouTube account, Steptoe and Mum.

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