I splashed out £3.8k on a boob reduction in Turkey – I went from a 30G to 32B and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she travelled to Turkey for a breast reduction and she claimed it was the best thing she’s ever done.

Phoebe (@phoebeh0wie) took to social media and explained that she had been on the NHS waiting list for over three years, but after such a long wait, instead decided to jet abroad for the surgery.

Prior to going under the knife, Phoebe had 30G breasts, but after the reduction, was sitting at a 32B.

In one video, shared on TikTok, Phoebe revealed more about the £3,800 Turkey procedure. 

She said: “Come to Turkey with me to get breast reduction surgery.”

At the start of the clip, we saw a picture of Phoebe posing in the mirror, as she wore a low-cut top, showing off her large breasts.

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We then saw her at the airport and as she landed in Turkey she noted: “I got VIP transfers for anywhere I needed to go.

“They included a beautiful hotel and all our meals too.”

After the surgery, Phoebe explained: “I’m doing just fine, just tired.”

In one clip, Phoebe shared a picture of her, prior to the reduction, as she said: “I always wondered if a reduction would suit me.” 

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Moments later, she shared a picture of her, after going under the knife, as she confirmed: “It does…Best thing ever.”

“So much happier.”

Social media users were left stunned at Phoebe’s new look and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Look soooo much better I’m so happy for you.” 

Another added: “Omg, you look amazing.”

A third commented: “Fantastic! Good for you.”

Meanwhile, someone else asked: “Omg amazing. What are the scars like if you don’t mind me asking?” to which Phoebe confirmed “They really aren’t bad at all, they’ve faded so much it’s just light pink lines at the moment.” 

In another video, Phoebe went into some more depth about the surgery and the cost.

She revealed: “The cost was £3,800, I initially paid a £300 deposit.

“I shopped around a little bit, I was speaking to a few different people from different clinics because there is literally so many of them and I picked one that was a little bit more expensive, because I feel like, you sorta get what you pay for, there's no point in picking one that's super cheap, because you have to think, why is it so cheap?

“In terms of my recovery, I haven't had any serious complications or anything like that.

“It is a long healing process, it does take time but I'm feeling myself, I can do normal activities.

“Basically as soon as I had the operation I felt a bit stiff, but I didn't feel any pain at all, I just felt a bit tired and a bit stiff but I could go for a run if I wanted to.

“I've also got a compression bra on, which is what I'm wearing now, so I have to wear this for six weeks.

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“I don't find this uncomfortable at all, it hasn't bothered me having it on.

“I didn't have any implants, nothing's unnatural, it was just the reduction and a lift so they basically just removed extra excess fat and then they lifted the muscles.”

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