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A SELF-STYLED eco warrior has revealed that she uses garlic packaging to clean things around her home. 

Sustainability expert Skylar lives in an “eco-crib” and strives to reduce her household waste as much as possible.

She shared a cleaning hack that is not only good for the planet, but works just as well as something you’d spend £5 on at the supermarket every few weeks. 

The content creator told people to stop throwing away the netted slings that garlic comes in because they are perfect for lifting grime and congealed food off dishes and surfaces. 

To turn them into the ultimate eco-scrubber, she cuts the ends off and knots the middle of the slings together.

Skylar explained: “Do not throw these netty plastic things out.

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“I use these as scrubbers for things that are gross.

“And I don’t know if you’re like me, but I really don’t like scrubbing certain types of things.

“Like last night I made curry and I don’t enjoy scrubbing that with my dish scrubber.

“So I will use this instead.”

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She opts to use the handmade device on really grimy dishes because she “doesn’t care if it gets gross” but doesn’t want her everyday scrubber to. 

Skylar affirmed: “They’re little, but they work, okay.

“Yes, this is plastic.

“Yes, this is microplastic.

“What do you do when you’re done with it?

“Well, probably throw it out.

“But the thing is, when you use something over and over again, or the longer that you use something, the less environmental impact it has.”

To the content creator, being eco-friendly is about finding uses for things that you would otherwise throw away.

She shared a clip scrubbing the night before’s curry pan with her homemade scrubber and proved how well it lifts grime off dishes.

People were amazed by the idea and flocked to the comments to weigh in.

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Many dubbed it “genius” and said they couldn’t believe they had never thought of it.

One penned: “I hate using rags on yucky things, thank you!”

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