I was earning nothing as a stay-at-home mum when I launched my fashion business, now I rake in over £10k a month

A ‘worldschooling’ mum of three has swapped travelling with her family for a six figure sustainable business and her story is remarkable.

Earning nothing as a stay-at-home mum, Amanda Ashworth, 38, from Cambridge spent her days looking after her three children, aged 11, 2, and 4 weeks old.

In February 2020 Amanda, her partner, and the children, set off for a year of travel.

Little did they know that coronavirus would hit and the world was about to change.

The coronavirus travel restrictions meant that Amanda and her family were stuck in Goa, India, until she was able to get on the first repatriation from India to the UK.

With 16 trips cancelled in 2020 and being grounded for the foreseeable future, Amanda was determined not to let the opportunities that came with coronavirus go to waste.

So in mid January 2021, Amanda set herself the challenge that with the right mindset anyone can start a business.

And with £400, one design and just one tote bag, SaffronDesignsGB was born.

Having seen during her travels the impact that climate change was having on the world she decided that she would start an eco-friendly business that was plastic-free and only used sustainable materials.

SaffronDesignsGB is an eco-friendly business, available on Etsy, that ‘spreads positivity, one tote at a time’.

It sells pretty cards, mugs, teas and their most popular item, tote bags.

The totes are available with a variety of different designs, from positive quotes to cute cats.

There really is something for everyone.

The bags are priced at just £9.99 but are currently 10% off.

Since then Amanda has reinvested all profits to help the business grow.

Like many other small businesses that were created in lockdown, Amanda turned to Tiktok to promote her business.

Fast forward nine months and the business has done over 6,500 orders.

Amanda told Fabulous Digital: “Before launching the business I earnt zero as I was a stay at home, home educating mum.

“Now the business is making £10-12k a month.”

The business has only been trading for nine months but has had five figure months and is now on track to turn over six figures in its first year.


Amanda explained: “The business is growing so much it took over the flat we were living in and I now work from there evenings and weekends.

“We use an ethical manufacturer who makes the bags and we then finish them with our designs.

“Our bags are 100% recycled.

“I have 2 designers I employ in the Philippines.

“My dad recently came out of retirement to work in the business full-time and we are recruiting two more people via the Kickstart Scheme including a content creator who will make TikTok and Instagram reels content.

“Our customers are Gen Z and really care about products being sustainable and the supply chain and this is something lots of businesses are either not focusing on or greenwashing.

“We are about to launch a sustainable apparel collection including hoodies and T-shirts inspired by manifestation – another big TikTok trend.

“Our best month was month seven, when we did over £12k but with our new collection, I believe we will do £25k next month.

“Our customers are now all over the world including an order this week to the Maldives.”

On TikTok, people were quick to comment on the brilliant success of Amanda's business.

One said: "I must have followed you somewhere down the line but just had a look at your vids…You're amazing! Well done to you."

Another added: "Omg those are such gorgeous tote bags."

A third commented: "So cool."

Meanwhile, I lost my job & moved in with my parents – then launched a beauty business and doubled my old monthly salary in ONE day.

Also, I started a jewellery business at 18 with £400 in lockdown because I was bored – now I’m raking in six figures.

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