I was left mortified when taking my kid to the soft play – I thought jumping in would be fun but 7 men had to rescue me | The Sun

A WOMAN realised her error after getting stuck in a kids’ soft play pit.

A video shows the woman launching herself into the foam, only to have to be hauled out by seven men when she couldn’t get out. 

The clip was shared on social media, where it has been liked over 70,000 times and praised by other parents for being relatable.

It had the caption: “Mistakes were made and lessons were learned.”

One mum said: “I got stuck in one of those pits trying to get my sock. 

“You try to climb out and sink in further. 

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“I need two rescue staffers and a daddy on the outside to get me out. Never again!”

A second agreed: “Idk why but it is hard getting out those foam cubes. 

“I struggled, so I just laid there and drowned until I got the strength to move again lol.”

And a third person wrote: “This exact thing happened to me! 

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“Except there was a scrawny teenage employee who was alone using all of his limited might trying to get me out. I’ve never been back. 

“I refuse.”

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