I was minding my business tanning in my front yard when I caught my neighbors arguing over me – I've not got time for it | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has divided her neighbors after tanning in her front yard.

The content creator revealed that she could hear the couple next door arguing about her sunny day activity.

TikTok user Harley Jane (@harleyjanexo) caught some shade as well as rays as she lay out in her front garden.

"Minding my business while my neighbors argue about me tanning in the front yard," Harley explained to her followers.

In her video, the TikToker can be seen panned out on a sunbed in her driveway.

As Harley lay on her stomach she filmed her indifferent reaction to her neighbor's arguing about her.

"It was a sunny day and my time is limited," the influencer pointed out.

Harley used a viral TikTok sound that depicts a fight to illustrate her own situation.

The content creator regularly posts workout content, showing off her impressive physique.

One TikToker, who tans on her front porch, shared her unbothered response to her judgmental neighbors.

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A mother revealed that she had to build a privacy fence after her nosy neighbors spied on her while she sunbathed topless.

Another influencer was told to cover up by her Karen neighbor after her husband kept staring.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the situation.

"All of a sudden the husband cleaning the gutters," joked one follower.

Another viewer said: "He’s cutting the grass with scissors to take longer."

"LOL! This was my mom when our neighbor did this and my dad always doing yard work," commented a third person.

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