I wear a 28F bra – I used breast tape for the first time with a low-cut dress and it was like an instant boob job | The Sun

A WOMAN who used breast tape for the first time has claimed it was like an instant boob job.

Jen, who posts on TikTok under the handle @itsjenwarnes, has shared her firsthand experience using boob tape for the first time.

Jen chose to wear a super low-cut, long sleeve, hot pink dress.

This is the type of dress you definitely wouldn't want to wear a bra with.

Wearing a dress with a V-neck that's cut as deep as this one would look tacky if you had a visible bra showing.

Jen shows off the drastic difference between her left breast which is being held up with boob tape and her right breast which isn’t.

In the video, she says: “You guys, I’m trying boob tape for the first time, and… why does it look like I’ve had a boob job?”

She continues while pointing out her left breast: “This [side] is no bra, this is just tape. Obviously, this side is the tape side as we can clearly see.”

She then points to her right breast and says: “This [side] is just all-natural.”

There’s no denying the fact that the boob tape she’s using is making a very distinct difference.

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Jen’s video has been viewed nearly 1million times, and the comments section is filled with women who are curious to know more.

One user wrote: “OMG just bought some for a wedding I’m going to on Saturday… I was concerned but now I’m excited to try it lol."

Another user added: “I’m buying some for my holiday to use for the first time. This has given me confidence."

Some women were asking for a specific boob tape brand to purchase, but scrolling through the comment section doesn’t reveal any responses from Jen about specific brands to go for.

A few of the most popular brands that offer boob tape include Good Lines and Brassy Bra.

Most generic boob tape packages and bundles are also available on Amazon.

This is brilliant info to know before wearing another low-cut top or dress to a dinner party or event.

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