I went to get my hair done but the stylist ruined it and now I’m scared to ever return

GOING to the salon to get your hair done takes a lot of trust – you honestly believe that the stylist will help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Sadly, one woman was left so scarred from her experience at a salon that she was terrified of going back.

Taking to social media, photographer and digital creator Annetha Marie shared her nightmare story with a stylist who she claimed ruined her hair with bleach.

In 2019, after growing out her hair to its natural color and texture, Annetha decided she wanted to get some highlights.

"I went to one of the 'top rated' salons here," she said, using air quotes to show her dissatisfaction.

"I don't even know how they got their name. It was like the sweatshop equivalent of a hair salon.

"They have a bar where you get your hair dyed, they have a bar where you wash your hair, and then a bar where your hair will get styled."

She went on to say she showed the stylist a picture of what she wanted to do – a balayage, which is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils – before the expert "proceeded to put my entire hair in bleach and foils."

"It was stringing my eyes and I had told her I wanted it to look as natural as possible."

Annetha went on to explain that her stylist proceeded to cancel the rest of her appointments that day because she realized how much she had messed up – something she was withholding from her the entire time.

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"She was being super vague, telling me that my ends were 'angry'," she again used air quotes to explain what the stylist told her.

"When in reality, they were fried and she was trying to fix it before she had to take me to the chair.

"She's drying my hair and my hair is super awful and I basically realized what happened and wanted to cry."

The stylist, seeing how she had messed up, told her she wouldn't charge her for the job before telling her to not brush or wash her hair for two days.

Annetha then showed pics of her hair after she waited the time period and washed it.

Aside from being mustard yellow, her hair was in layers – but they weren't layers, it was breakage from the bleach.

"You can just see there are tons of different colors here," she added.

"But the color looks worse when dried."

And it did. Her hair had shifted to be copper and yellow with really dark roots.

"It was absolutely awful. Imagine going to the salon for the first time as an adult with your big girl job money and this happens," she said.

"I was terrified to go back to hair salons. It took me a year to grow it all out and chop off the damage."

Luckily, Annetha's hair now looks healthy, bouncy, and super shiny as she hasn't bleached it since.

Following her posting her story, many rushed to the comment section to express their sympathy.

One woman wrote: " You’re lucky she didn’t charge you though.

"A hairdresser RUINED my hair with bleach and she still charged me and I had to push to get it fixed."

A second added: "I'm a hairstylist and this hurts my heart. I'm sorry this happened to you."

"The way my eyes bugged out of my skull at that first damage photo," a third said.

However, a few people questioned whether she had really grown out her hair before the "stylist damaged it."

One person wrote: "This screams I have box dye on my hair, didn't tell her, and she didn't do a test strand."

A second agreed, adding: "We see that a lot with clients thinking their hair is all grown out when in reality it isn’t even close."

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And a third commented: "Yeah, there is no way this is natural hair just no way.

"Obviously, the hairdresser still burned her up and didn't even give her the placements right."

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