I work at Morrisons – customers say the most annoying things at the checkout & it’s your fault self-service takes longer

RETAIL workers already have a tough enough time as it is at work, from working long shifts to standing all day.

And to top it off, customers can make the job even more difficult, as one Morrison's worker reveals.

Rosa Fiorini, from London, shared how customers constantly make the same annoying comments when being checked out.

She said: "I feel like everyone deserves to know the ins and outs of working at Morrisons or any supermarket.

"I've got a list on my notes of all the problems."

In a TikTok video, she explained how customers would complain about her not 'being gentle' when scanning certain products.


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While you could understand the need if you're handling something delicate like eggs, Rosa was left dumbfounded when a customer told her she wasn't handling her bacon gently.

"It's bacon, the pig's already dead. What?

"I don't want to be here, I'm going to chuck it around." She joked.

Another common occurrence customers do that ticks Rosa off is by ignoring the very clear signs on the self-service tills.

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'It will clearly says card only' and a customer will scan their shopping and then ask if they can pay by cash instead, ignoring the sign, holding up the queue and annoying staff in the process.

Another classic fail at the self-service checkouts is when the scales are playing up, and you have to wait for a member of staff to come over and accept the product.

She says customer's always do this one thing which makes using the self-service checkout take longer.

Rosa said customers always move the item as they are about to enter their store log-in details, meaning they have to wait another 20 seconds to approve the item.

At Morrisons, they charge 60p for a plastic bag, which customers think is an extravagant amount, and Rosa agrees, saying 'it's f***ing ridiculous'.

But Rosa is often left bewildered by customers who 'fully have a go' about the cost, and what they expect her to do about it.

She also spoke about customers excitedly asking her if they can tap their card if the total is £100 or under,to which Rosa lets them know they can.

But nine times out of ten, the customer still uses chip and pin, exhausted, she said: "What was the point in asking?"

The video has has left both supermarket staff and customers in stitches.

One person joked: "How you be shopping in Morrisons but can't fork out 60p for a bag?!"

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"That frustrates me so much with a self-service if it was CASH AND CARD IT WOULD SAY SO!!" Wrote another person.

A third person, claiming to work at Sainsburys commented: "At Sainsburys they just always moan about the prices, I just look at them like there’s Lidl across the road GO THERE."

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