If you can spot the hidden Ms in this grid of Ws you are in the top 1% – so how many can YOU find? | The Sun

RECKON you are in the top one per cent when it comes to observation?

A challenge making the rounds on social media is asking people to find the hidden Ms in a grid full of Ws.

TikTok user @HecticNick uploaded a video sharing the puzzle and it has racked up 900,000 likes.

He said: “Only one per cent of people can find the hidden M in this image.

“It’s not easy with all those Ws.

“So let me know if you can find it and send this to a friend so they can try.”

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In fact, many people pointed out that they could spot not just one but four Ms in the grid – so how well will you do?

Many views were quick to take to the comments to share how well they’d done.

One added: “I found 4 M in the image.”

Another shared: “Uh- I found three.”

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A third commented: “There’s 2 Ms.”

And one joked: “Found it it’s next to the W.”

If you still need help, the solution can be found below.

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Two of the Ms are located on the sixth row down, another is eight rows up from the bottom, and the fourth is on the second row up from the bottom.

How did you do?

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