If your pillow fails the ‘press’ test it’s time to buy a new one – and it could be giving you neck ache

IF you find it a struggle to sleep through the night it could be your pillow that is to blame.

Sleep experts claim that you should be throwing out your pillow every three years as old ones might not be giving you the correct support.

Experts claim that over time pillows become “firmer” and can flatten and become less comfortable or supportive.

So is your pillow past its peak?

Sleep experts revealed to Femail two simple tests that can determine whether you should ditch your old bedding for some new ones…

The Press Test

You can test the quality of your pillow by placing it on a firm surface and pushing down in the centre, according to experts from Tielle Love Luxury's pillow swap programme.

If your pillow is of a good quality, it should “loft” back into its original shape as soon as you remove your hand.

The Saddlebag Test

If you are concerned if your old pillow has reached the end of its life, this test is for you.

You should place the item across your arm, and then fold it over like a saddlebag.

If you are able to fully do so, sleep gurus say it is time to ditch the pillow and buy a new one.

So how do you know which pillow will enable you to have the best night’s sleep?

Experts claim that your sleeping position can determine which bedding is right for you.

If you sleep on your back, a soft pillow won’t put a stress on your neck by throwing it too far forwards.

However, if you prefer to kip on your side, you should opt for a firm, high pillow in order to ensure your neck is aligned with your spine.

They also suggest a pillow between your knees can help to prevent pain occurring in your lower back.

Front sleepers should look for a soft pillow that supports the neck and back, and a pillow under your stomach can take the pressure off your lower back.

And for those who switch things up in the night and use all three positions, you should aim for a medium height pillow that has support for side sleeping, but is shallow enough for back sleeping.

The professionals also said you can take care of your pillows and prolong their life by plumping them every few days to fill them with air.

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