I'm 5'2", I tried on the Skims dress and was shocked, it was a fail before I even got it past my waist | The Sun

THIS TikToker had tried on the $88 SKIMS dress and instantly called it a fail without even getting it past her waist.

Dani, who goes by @adventuretimedani, tried on one of Kim Kardashian's SKIMS dresses.

The SKIMS brand is more pricy than other clothing brands promoting "style, comfort & support," according to their website.

Dani bought the Soft Lounge Cut Out Long Slip Dress in black.

"I bought the SKIMS dress and I'm gonna try it on because I always see it on super tall people and I am scraping 5'2''," Dani said in the video.

Before she even got it over her waist, she was disappointed with the quality of the dress.

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"Yo, I bought an $88 dress and it comes with a freaking hole – SKIMS fail," she said.

"I'm not even gonna show you the rest."

Dani captioned the video: "I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed but I am … skims do better!"

However, she did say in the comment section: "A little update.. skims refunded me and let me keep or donate the dress so we good."

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One commenter had a similar experience. "Mine ripped after 3 uses," they said.

Another commenter suggested to try the Amazon dupe and said: "Maybe it’s better."

Someone else did try a similar SKIMS dress Amazon dupe for only $25 and was blown away by the results.

The fashion blogger said she was "super impressed by the quality."

The SKIMS dresses can be hit or miss.

Another person on TikTok thought she would hate the soft lounge dress, but tried it on to see if it would support her big boobs.

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To her surprise, she said: "It's so soft and comfortable.

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