I’m a 6ft tall gym bunny – men say I'm an 'Amazon beauty' and love how effortlessly strong I am in my candid videos | The Sun

A GYM bunny has been called an "Amazon Queen" after she demonstrated her strength on her YouTube channel.

The six-foot gym-goer regularly posts videos of her lifting or doing arm wrestles with other women at the gym.

The channel is centered around comedy and entertaining her 3,000 subscribers.

Much of her content is fitness related as she is often seen at the gym and challenges people to arm wrestling contests or piggyback rides.

Due to her height, she also makes content comparing her size to her fellow gymgoers.

Lizzy (@comedylizzylizzy) recently posted two videos of herself lifting her shorter friends in separate strength challenges.

In a YouTube short she showed the "360 full revolution of Katie."

Katie weighs 90 kilograms and Lizzy challenged herself to pick her up and do a 360-degree turn in six stages.

Viewers praised the strong youtuber with one calling her an "Amazon Beauty."

They commented: "Katie is really very tall and big Amazon Beauty like you and you lifted her comfortably and effortlessly. Wow!! U r superwoman."

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Others asked Lizzy to make a video of Katie trying to pick her up and turn around.

In another video posted on the channel, Lizzy lifts her friend who is five foot five and 127 pounds.

The video which has over 10,000 views sees Lizzy attempting to do a front squat and fireman lift with Alissa.

Lizzy said: "She weighs 127 let's see if I can do a front squat with her and if I can, I'm gonna fireman carry you into your boyfriend's office and he's going to give you a kiss."

The pair then had to figure out the best way to get Alissa into Lizzy's arms, with the six-foot gym bunny suggesting her friend "jumps" into her arms.

Alissa looked at her doubtfully and laughed as the pair decided that would not work.

In the end, Lizzy supports Alissa's back with one arm and scooped her up by the back of her knees.

"Make yourself light," Lizzy joked before she picked her up and Alissa asked her not to drop her.

Lizzy added: "I won't drop you because you can make yourself light or like a deadweight, you know that right?"

As she picks Alissa up, she exclaimed "oh she's light" and then proceeded to front squat her four times before Alissa moved her arm and Lizzy could not hold her anymore.

She then attempted the fireman carry and easily lifted Alissa over her shoulder and walked around.

She then swayed her hips and told Alissa's boyfriend to give her a kiss, which he did.

In her video description, Lizzy joked: "I'm available for weddings lol.

"I'm in the Lift for a Kiss Business."

Once again, fans were amazed at the gym bunny's strength with one saying: "You lift her like nothing…so strong…you are amazing…

"I love you – [you] make 5"5 look so short ."

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Another wrote: "Strength and beauty! Thank you, Lizzy!"

One called her "our queen Lizzy" as she demonstrated "another fireman lift."

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