I’m a bargain shopper and I got £550 of stuff for just £8 – follow my tips so you can too | The Sun

WITH the cost of living causing chaos for many people up and down the country, it’s highly  likely that you won’t have a tonne of spare cash lying around your home.

More and more people are looking to make cutbacks and are putting a pause on their shopping.

But one woman has revealed you don’t have to and has shared her top tip to find a good bargain.

Caroline, known on TikTok as ‘caroline.shops’, has revealed that she shops in charity shops and knows the secret to finding the best bargain buys.

The social media thrifter has 13.2k followers and 198.1k likes on the video sharing platform and recently revealed how she got £550 worth of items for only £8.

Caroline uploaded her video with the caption ‘Over £550 of goodies from charity shops for ONLY £8! Some items I bought recently including a Nike jacket, Ameri Leather bag and a James Sadler teapot’.

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She said: “I have recently bought over £550 worth of stuff from charity shops, for just £8.

“Let me show you what I bought and how I did it.

“First up, I got this teapot from the Cancer Community Chest Charity shop in Norfolk.

“They have a section outside the shop where they have lots of bric-a-brac and things that a lot of people would consider tatt.

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“I spotted this teapot behind some glasses – underneath there’s a mark that says Sadler.

“I got this for £1 – it’s worth about £150.

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“Next up, I went to the Relate charity shop in Norwich and I found this Nike Aeroloft women’s jacket, which is filled with real duck-feather and is in like-new condition.

“I found this on a rail that was tucked behind some other items of clothing and it was £4.

“New items of this very make sell for £220.

“Finally, I got this Ameri leather bag from the Each charity shop in Norfolk.

“This was £3 – they had a big box where it said ‘All bags £3’.

“I rummaged in that bin of bags and this was the very last one, it was right at the bottom. 

“Probably, lots of people wouldn’t have bothered to have rummaged that far but I did.

“These sell new, on their website, for £220.

“It’s like new, I’ve looked all over it, there’s no signs of wear and tear and it was only £3. 

“The moral of my video today is rummage.

“Look through everything, I always do, I spend ages in charity shops because there are things like that to be found.

“You’ve just got to dig around and look in the places that some people wouldn’t think to look or can’t be bothered to look. 

“As I say, £550 worth of stuff for £8”.

Caroline’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 21.k views, over 700 likes and 104 comments.

TikTok users were in shock at Caroline’s great bargains and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Brilliant bargains”. 

Another added: “Oh my goodness what a brilliant haul.I'm in love with the teapot is stunning, the bag and coat are lovely as well”. 

A third commented: “Love the teapot and my daughter would love the jacket”.

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Meanwhile, someone else revealed: “Always rummage! I spend forever in charity shops”. 

One user asked: “Do you keep it all?!” to which Caroline replied “I do keep most of it, yes! I need a bigger house…”

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